Small Changes That Can Help You Build Self-confidence That Lasts

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Whether in personal or professional aspects, having healthy self-confidence benefits you. With a healthy dose of confidence, you perform better since you don’t waste your energy and time worrying if you’re good enough or not.

Believing in yourself, you’re more able to nurture healthy relationships and explore new things. You can easily spot if a relationship is beneficial for you and walk away when it’s otherwise.

It’s easier to build the guts to put yourself out there for anything new, even when it sounds complicated, and most importantly, you boost your resilience so you can face any problems that arrive.

The good thing is that no matter how old you are, your status in life, natural disposition, or other factors, attaining healthy self-confidence levels is possible. Make self-confidence a habit, and it will follow through.

But first, it will need you to change—your mindset, body language, nonverbal habits, and even appearance. To attain that healthy levels of self-confidence you so desire, here are some changes you need to make:

How You Look

If certain aspects of your appearance tend to drag your confidence down, making minor changes would mean big. It may be your hairstyle, teeth, glasses, clothing, and even weight. If you want that balayage hair color to stand out from the crowd, visit your trusted hairstylist. You know you deserve that hair makeover.

Most people tend to ignore their hair, not knowing that caring for it can significantly add to their confidence. Research about a new hairstyle or color, pick what looks good in you, and be brave about it. Even just changing your hair to your long-coveted color can do wonders for your confidence.

How your teeth look can be a source of unhappiness too. When your broken, chipped, gapped, or misaligned teeth and other dental problems affect you, be sure to act on it. Correct these problems right away, not letting them eat out your confidence.

Your glasses and clothing can either make or break you. The right pair of glasses can build your confidence and define your fashion sense, especially when you have to wear them at all times. Dressing up comfortably and well can make you feel great about yourself.

How You Talk to Yourself

Store some positive affirmations to keep telling yourself with, especially in your downtimes. They don’t have to be long, even as short as the phrases “You got this,” “You always make a way,” and other positive mantras.

This is called an inner monologue, and how you talk to yourself can significantly affect your confidence. Thus, be aware when you’re already negatively talking to yourself. Replace it with positive thoughts; remember those times when you felt genuinely confident.

Channel on that energy. You may even try to “fake it until you make it.” Refuse to have a negative inner dialogue. Most of the time, our own selves are the worst judge. What we say to ourselves may be even worse than what other people would tell us.

The more you vocalize positive self-affirmations, the more they will have power over you. So be sure to level up your self-talk.

How You Think

Thinking about your previous successes can greatly help, too. One reason people with higher income earn the way they do is that they take credit for their abilities when they need to. They don’t have to sound bragging; just stating the fact that they’re capable in such aspects and plenty others.

It’s easy to dwell on unhappiness when you feel you’re far from accomplished. Therefore, it’s better that you think long-term, not the other way. Once you achieve bigger, long-term goals, you feel more accomplished. Short-term thinking makes you easily give in to procrastination and distractions.

Know that you’re enough, so you don’t have to compare yourself to others. This is the easiest way to zap the happiness and confidence in you. If there’s anyone you need to compare yourself with, it’s you. This way, you can measure how far you’ve come and acknowledge your successes.

Stay true to yourself; make it a point not to care about what other people think of you. While you have to learn to accept criticisms, when others imply they don’t believe you are capable, still do it anyway, especially when you think you really can.

Final Thoughts

Some physiological hacks that make you appear seemingly confident right away are standing tall, keeping a straight posture, not fidgeting, making eye contact, speaking clearly and slowly, keeping your hands visible, and making big steps.

Faking it until you make it always works. Appear like it; people will believe. You even start believing you’re confident the more you act like it, too.

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