Fun Summer Style Ideas for the Post-pandemic World

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Summer is just around the corner, and with nearly half the US adult population fully vaccinated, short vacations and beach getaways may soon be on the horizon. While there’s still a lot of uncertainty, it’s a time to be hopeful and start looking forward to having a little more freedom to escape the four corners of our home and have some outdoor fun.

So it’s no surprise if you’d want to celebrate your freedom by going out looking your best. For some of us, though, it would feel like learning to get dressed again, as we’ve gotten used to wearing sweatpants, loose shirts, and all-day PJs. The makeup we bought at the start of 2020 may have already expired, and our last big purchases might as well be out of trend by now.

But don’t fret because you’re not alone. If you’re relearning outside clothes and looking to navigate the post-pandemic world with a fresh, summery look, here are a few tips you can follow:

Going out

Your personal style may have stagnated during the pandemic that you’re not sure anymore what to wear when you go out this summer. Before the pandemic hit, streetwear was the biggest trend. But will it fizzle out now that the bustling street life we once enjoyed may not be the same anymore?

While there’s no telling for sure what fashion will like in the coming months, it’s safe to say that people will have a preference for casual wear. It’s a natural transition from the functional style we’ve all adopted during the pandemic. And since it’s summer, comfort would be a top priority.

However, fashion experts also anticipate that some people would go all out to make up for the lost time. So we can expect to see people wearing ruffled sleeves, tulle dresses, and giddy hues. Of course, you can always go for timeless casual wear like ripped flare jeans, breezy tops, flowy dresses, and lace-up sandals.

In the next few months, events that would require you to get decked out may still be scarce, so casual outfits will dominate the streets in summer. You’d be surprised to know that the need for self-expression didn’t go away during the pandemic, but the level of glamor we were accustomed to will now come with a degree of comfort. So if you’re looking to update your going-out wardrobe, start with essential casual wear, but nothing that resembles what you’ve been wearing at home in the past year. Think minimalist but classy pieces.


Hitting the beach

Planning to hit the beach to cool off this summer? Now might be your chance to use the bikini you bought last year, and it may as well still be on-trend. Beachwear trends have certainly stagnated in the past year, so anything will do.

In the swimwear market, disruptor niche brands have also emerged, with stylish new designs perfect for your summer reset. There’s been a growing demand for swimwear brands that feature sustainable fabrics and have ethical supply chains, and brands like CUUP supply this demand. Luxury swimwear brands are also reporting a slight increase in sales, which could mean that people are starting to be optimistic about travel and dressing up for the summer.


During the pandemic, the most popular accessories people wore were facemasks, neckwear, and smartwatches. But once the vaccination rates go up, it’s possible to see more people transitioning back to their pre-pandemic basics, from hats and sunglasses to necklaces to luxury earrings for women. During the pandemic, most people opted not to wear rings due to the frequent hand washing and sanitizing. Plus, earrings and rings were thought of as places where germs and viruses can hide. But jewelry sales and use are also expected to pick up soon.

If you’ve been fully vaccinated, feel free to start wearing your favorite jewelry again. But make sure to sanitize them before and after use. For this summer, it would be best to keep it simple but classy. So instead of wearing the trendy hoop earrings and elaborate bangles, go for stud earrings and chain bracelets. And, of course, don’t forget to wear a hat and a nice pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes and face the harsh sun.

Staying Safe

The vaccine rollout is pickup up, but it still won’t be completely safe. It’s important to still keep your guard up as COVID-19 is not the only hidden danger in the world, especially when you’re traveling. So before you hit the beach or go on a cross-country road trip this summer, bring your facemasks, hand sanitizers, and alcohol bottles with you.

Time may have frozen when it comes to fashion, but it will soon slowly bounce back once everyone is safe to go out. Be prepared when that happens, and start updating your wardrobe with casual and elegant ensembles and pieces.

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