Here Comes the Bride: 6 Things That You Should Not Do on Your Wedding Day

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Weddings are exciting. Couples and their families spend thousands of dollars on a magical ceremony and a glamorous party afterward.

It is a major life event and, understandably, people feel nervous days before it. They want the wedding to be as perfect as they imagined it to be.

The stress of it all can, unfortunately, lead people to make decisions that they, later on, are going to regret. So, before you walk down the aisle, read this and promise that you are not going to make these common mistakes.

Get a ‘Cool’ New Haircut

It is not a bad thing that you want to experiment on your looks. After all, how else would you find a hair cut or color that suits you if you do not venture out of your comfort zone every once in a while? There is a time for experiments, but not on your wedding day.

Do not go to the trendy salon that recently opened in your city and definitely do not let the hairstylist talk you into getting a trendy haircut and color. For your wedding day, go to the people you trust.

Let the person, who has been caring for your locks for years, give you a fresh trim or freshen up your hair color. They know your hair and your personal preferences. They, therefore, know what works for you.

Trust us on this one; you would not want to look back on your wedding day photos far into the future and see the unflattering hair cut or color that once was considered cool.

Wear a New Pair of Shoes

You might want to break in your new pair of shoes before your wedding day. You are not just walking down the aisle; you would have to stand around and dance throughout the ceremony and the party. It is going to be tough for your poor feet, so do not make it worse by wearing shoes that will give you blisters.

You do not have to wear an old pair of shoes on your wedding day. Remember to bring your new pair of shoes out of the box days before and then walk around your house wearing it. You should also look into metatarsal pads and anti-blister creams to prevent your feet from being tortured by an uncomfortable pair of shoes and moving around the ballroom on your wedding day.

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Rely on Booze to Calm You Down

Some people tend to turn to alcohol whenever they feel uneasy so that they can relax. While you are allowed to have a glass or two of wine or champagne, give yourself a limit and stick to it.

If you get too wasted, you may end up ruining your own wedding which, as was stated above, is worth thousands of dollars. You might also blackout and completely forget everything that happens on your big day.

Put your bridesmaid or groomsmen on duty. Tell them to monitor you and how much you drink so that, if you have unknowingly reached your limit, they can stop you from drinking more.

Exercise Too Much

The first time you went to the gym or went out for a run, the next day, you probably experienced sore muscles that are so uncomfortable that they left you strapped into a chair or your bed for a while.

You should workout. It will prevent you from being too nervous about your wedding day. However, do not overdo it. Your muscles would be sore or you might pull a muscle. It will prevent you from enjoying the expensive and special day.

Wait Until the Last Minute to Write Your Vows

Sometimes, vows come out naturally and perfectly. Most of the time, it is better to plan exactly what you are going to say. Even the most confident people blank out when they are in front of a crowd that is waiting for them to speak.

The most beautiful vows take time to write. Read the vows of other couples or find a vow-writing guide on the internet. That way, you can say everything that you want to say to your significant other without stuttering or grasping for words in front of everyone.

Forget to Eat

The events of your wedding day will go by so quickly. You would be herded toward the dance floor, to the tabled to take photos with guests, and then in the middle of the room to cut the cake. It would be easy to forget that you, too, have to eat.

Start your day with a healthy and filling breakfast and lunch. Throughout the ceremony and party, allow yourself to get a bite or two of food. You will need the energy to keep you going through the day.

The final tip is to have fun! No wedding is perfect. Even Kim Kardashian and Kanye West experienced mishaps during their million-dollar wedding in Paris. Take a deep breath and savor the moment.

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