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We’re well in the middle of autumn, and winter is coming soon. It’s important to stay warm during these times. We can’t risk getting too cold and falling ill, especially with the novel coronavirus still not being contained.

One way to stay cozy indoors is to add a few pieces of decor that could warm up your place and make it homier. Let’s look at some of the decorations you could use to prepare for the winter season.

Potted Plants ;  Lighten up your house by adding potted plants to some key areas. For instance, you could put a large one by the windows or fill in the empty corners in your house with smaller potted plants. You could even place a few tiny potted plants on the living room and dining table.

Houseplants help in brightening up the house and give it warmth by adding humidity indoors. They’re also natural air purifiers that can remove up to 87% of harmful toxins from the air. Some potted plants good for the winter include aloe vera, snake plants, orchids, cacti, and sweetheart plants. Of course, these are only a few options from a long list of plants that will help make your home look cozy.

Throw Blankets

Throw blankets also make for great indoor decor. You could put them on the sofa and in other chairs as well. This way, wherever you sit, you could easily grab a blanket to snuggle in when you feel cold.

To add a pop of color to your home, you could use bright-colored and patterned throw blankets, like those found in the Liberty Clothing company. For extra functionality, you could choose blankets made of warm materials, such as fleece and knit blankets. Or, if you have more money to spare, you could go for blankets made of cashmere. It’s a great investment since it’s one of the softest fabrics and is even warmer than wool.

Throw Pillows

Apart from throw blankets, you could also use throw pillows. We’re all doing our best to stay at home due to COVID-19. And that may continue well over the winter. Since you’d be spending most of the winter indoors, investing in cozy throw pillows would make you feel warm and snug while lounging on the sofa during the cold weather.

You could use throw pillows that contrast the color of your sofa for a nice minimalist aesthetic. Or, you could use pillowcases with holiday patterns to add more character to your space.


The floor tends to get cold during the winter. To fix this problem, you could add rugs to key areas of your home. You’d want to get shaggy or plush rags since they do a good job in trapping heat and will keep your feet warm. You could add one to your living room floor and another under the dining table.



Another way to keep your place warm and cozy is by using insulated curtains. They block out the cold winter winds from seeping into your windows. They not only add warmth to your home but also help you save energy. Due to the energy efficiency of insulated curtains, they will make your heater work less and therefore save you money in the long run.

Insulated curtains come in nice patterned designs, but plain ones are also available if you want to be more minimal with your decor.

Portable Fireplace

If you don’t have a fireplace, you could get a portable one to add more warmth to your home. What’s great about them is they’re compact. So, you could take them anywhere in the house when needed.

What’s great about portable fireplaces is they’re compact and can be taken anywhere in the house. The smallest ones can be used as tabletop decor, too. You could place it in your living room or any area where you stay most of the time.

Portable fireplaces also have different designs that make them wonderful decor. Some popular ones are made of tempered glass and stainless steel, giving them a sleek appearance.

Extra Lights

Wintertime may feel dark and gloomy sometimes, especially since the nights are longer. But that doesn’t mean your house should feel dull, too.

Counter this gloomy mood by adding lights to some corners of your home or even outside. You could add string lights by the window to illuminate your winter nights. You might also want to add a floor lamp on a corner that your ambient light doesn’t reach to further brighten up your room.

Keep your house warm with any or all of these cozy winter decorations, and have a great winter!

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