How Hackathons Can Help Businesses Grow

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Hackathons are now becoming a popular platform for programmers to showcase their talents. It is also the best way to test one’s potential by entering a competition against some of the best computer programmers in their respective field. Even Facebook’s infamous “Like” button and Microsoft’s GroupMe were born from hackathon events.

Some hackathons events are internal. Meanwhile, others compete against other companies to solve business problems. On the other hand, others hold hackathons that are open for all. These companies even offer cash prizes for the best prototypes presented. However, what makes hackathon events unique is the fact that they aim to seek out and fix critical bugs. Solving these problems is crucial for running a business.

Why Businesses Should Host Corporate Hackathons

Hosting events such as hackathons is an excellent avenue for businesses to push their services to the next level. Forbes says that hosting hackathons proves to be valuable when it comes to cost savings. Even more, it helps in increasing their employees’ willingness to innovate, too. Experts add that such events let employees who have not had a chance to work on things that create problems during regular working days.

When employees work on the same tasks repeatedly, they will soon become stagnant. There is also a considerable chance that they will get bored with their job. Providing them with the opportunity to join events that need event production planning in Utah gives them the break that they need. It also allows them to learn from other participants to plan solutions.

Companies can also use hackathons to help in solving local social problems, such as homelessness. A few projects in the past leveraged on smart uses of mobile technology to help homeless people. One solution that they formulated was to send the location of the nearest shelter or food bank to a registered phone number without any fee. It was an excellent solution for homeless people who had gadgets but did not have any data.

Boost Brand Recognition

Conducting hackathons is also a great way to get your name out into the market. Major promotions, together with social media ads, can help create brand awareness during the event. Since thousands will take part in the challenge, it’s a great way to boost brand awareness. Moreover, it will help get the solution that they need.

How to Prepare for a Hackathon

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Attending a hackathon takes a lot of preparation to achieve success. You first need to choose the programming language. Choosing a program that you’re good at can help you overcome any challenges that may come in.

Finally, Analytics Magazine says that not every hackathon fits your existing skills. Hence, it’s best to join the ones that will meet your skills so that you can solve any problems that will come your way. Attending a hackathon is a great experience, but planning one is entirely different. Thus, if your business is planning to host one, it is best to hire a planning company to help you with the event. Hire a company that you feel comfortable with so that it will be much easier for you to share your ideas.

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