How to Activate a New Brand

New Brand

Business owners who are practically new in the field or an existing business trying to expand their products and market reach are usually the ones who are into brand activation. It simply means introducing a new line to the market through different exposure set-ups. The goal is to market the brand successfully by making people try their product. This may take a long process that demands time and effort. The role of certain people is to introduce this new brand to the public by different means.

A reliable event planning company in Dubai and other countries is one of the go-to service providers of business owners for this agenda. Their experience is beneficial in obtaining a good plan to create a positive outcome. Find a trusted company and let them handle the job for you. Although you can leave them with this task, it is still necessary to be present and active in the whole process.

Here are some of the steps on how to activate a new brand:

1. Objectives

Discuss the goals and objectives of your brand activation with your employees and event planners. Having meetings is important to set the standards for everyone involved. It keeps a clear understanding of what needs to be achieved for doing this. Collaboration may happen in this phase. Through suggestions and recommendations, the ideas can be brought together to plan the activities. Talk about the budget as well and how you can lessen your cost without affecting the quality.

Allocate the tasks needed for the event planner to have an easier set-up of the program. Canvass items, services, food, location and other things that are important for this activation. After that, put together what everyone has accumulated for a thorough discussion.

New Brand

2. Audience

The customers are the deciders if the product is a success or not. If they have loved the product and its promotion, they will surely find it in stores. The best way is to analyze the group which can have the greatest impact when the item is introduced. Focus on them. Are they the teenagers and young adults? Are they the adults who are into a certain hobby? Make sure to link your product to the people who can be enticed when they see it. Campaigning process will also come from this second step.

3. Marketing

Find different means and ways on how to best advertise your product initially. One of the things you should do in brand activation is a social activation event with invited personalities and media to expand the market reach of the product. You may use other techniques such as commercials, tarpaulin, and social media posts to further improve the product’s interaction with potential customers. Check on the needs and wants of your market group and focus on that. The staff assigned to do this must have the technology they need to make it make the event effective.

Activating a brand takes a lot of hard work and time. It is not just done by one person; it requires the collaboration of knowledgeable and talented people. Be sure to prepare before the scheduled brand activation day.

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