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Spending eight hours or more at a desk can take a toll on your body, which is why it’s important to create a comfortable and ergonomic workspace. By adding just a few simple accessories to your desk, you can minimize the risk of discomfort and pain. Here are some of our top picks:

Height Adjustable Desk

If you find yourself getting fidgety or experiencing back pain after sitting in the same position for too long, a height-adjustable desk could be a game-changer. It’s great for your health, too, since it’s proven that sitting too much can lead to several health issues.

A height-adjustable desk is a great way to make your workday more comfortable. This type of desk allows you to adjust the height so that you can sit or stand, which can help improve your circulation and reduce discomfort. Standing for part of the day is also a great way to burn more calories and stay healthy. If you’re looking for a way to make your workday more comfortable, a height-adjustable desk is a great option.

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is important for both your physical and mental health, so make sure to keep a water bottle within reach at all times.

It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day, especially if you’re going to be sitting at a desk for most of it. Dehydration can lead to a number of health issues, such as headaches, fatigue, and even kidney stones.

The best way to make sure you’re drinking enough water is to keep a water bottle within reach. That way, you can take a sip whenever you need it.

Reusable glass or stainless steel water bottles because they’re environmentally friendly and don’t leach chemicals into your water.

UV and Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

If you suffer from migraines or headaches, try wearing a pair of blue light-blocking glasses. These can help reduce eye strain and fatigue caused by staring at screens all day. Plus, they look pretty stylish!

Screen glare from computer monitors and other electronic devices can cause eye fatigue and headaches. UV lights and blue light are major contributors to this type of fatigue, as they can cause the eyes to strain and become tired quickly.

To prevent these problems, it’s important to take a few simple precautions. First, make sure to adjust your screen brightness and contrast so that it’s not too bright or harsh. You should also take regular breaks from your screen, preferably every 20 minutes. During these breaks, you can walk around, drink some water, and get some fresh air.

If you’re experiencing headaches or eye fatigue, try wearing a pair of UV-blocking glasses. These glasses will help reduce the amount of UV light that enters your eyes, which can help relieve some of the strain.

Ergonomic Mouse

If you use a computer mouse for extended periods of time, you may be at risk for developing wrist problems. This is because using a mouse can put a lot of strain on your wrists, which can lead to pain and discomfort.

To avoid wrist problems, try using an ergonomic mouse. This type of mouse is designed to fit the contours of your hand, which can help to reduce the amount of strain on your wrists. It takes some getting used to because you will be holding it like a joystick but moving it like a regular mouse, but after you get used to it, you’ll have a more comfortable time.


Dry air can cause all sorts of problems, from dry skin to static electricity build-up. Combat these issues by placing a humidifier on your desk to add some much-needed moisture to the air. You’ll breathe easier and feel more comfortable in no time!

Back Pillow

Sitting for long periods of time can cause back pain problems. This is because when you’re sitting, your back is in a fixed position, which can lead to discomfort and pain. To avoid these issues, it’s important to make sure your workstation is set up ergonomically.

If you find yourself slouching or hunching over your work, try using a lumbar support pillow to encourage better posture. This will help alleviate any existing back pain and prevent future problems down the road.

A humidifier spraying aerosolized water into the air

Wrist Pad

If you type frequently or use a trackpad often, consider investing in a wrist rest to protect your joints from strain. Wrist pads come in all sorts of materials, from gel to memory foam, so you can choose one that best suits your needs.

Space Heater

Space heaters are a great way to make your workspace more comfortable, especially if your office is cold or drafty. They can help to warm up the room and keep you cozy all day long.

Space heaters come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose one that best suits your needs. They also come in a variety of shapes, so you can find one that will fit nicely on your desk.

If you’re looking for a way to make your workday more comfortable, a space heater is a great option.

Throw Blankets and Pillows

There’s no need to suffer through a cold, uncomfortable workday when you can use throw blankets and pillows to make your workspace more comfortable. These simple additions can help to keep you warm and cozy all day long. They’re the only option you have if you can’t use a space heater in your workspace!

Final Thoughts

Creating a comfortable workspace doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. By adding just a few simple accessories to your desk, you can minimize the risk of discomfort and pain. These should help you achieve a happier and healthier work-life balance!

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