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We have all been forced to stay at home and follow strict quarantine guidelines since the global health crisis started last year. This COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the wedding industry and the wedding dates of many soon-to-be-wed couples worldwide. For many couples, this pandemic has ruined many of their plans and set dates with venues, suppliers, and guests. It was simply a terrible year for many engaged couples. Nevertheless, some couples have decided to adjust to the difficult situation.

Although many engaged couples still can’t opt for big weddings because of social distancing guidelines, there are still many COVID-19 wedding options available that can be considered. Despite this, though, you still have to check with your local government about their rules and policies regarding weddings and get-togethers during this time.

Wedding preparations typically last a few months to a year or so. This timeframe could change depending on the couple’s plans and the current circumstances. Your wedding preparations will consist of gathering suppliers, looking for a venue, and inviting guests. It will also include the time-consuming task of looking for a bridal gown.

Depending on your choice, your venue might be strict about the dress code. Don’t worry because there is a wide range of modest bridal dresses available in the market today. You wouldn’t have to worry about looking drab on your wedding day.

Planning A Wedding

Many married couples will agree that planning a wedding is not an easy task. It could even challenge your relationship at times due to the pressure and the number of decisions that need to be made. However, this should serve as a great lesson for the couple. These challenges will allow them to get to know each other better through the process.

Planning a wedding involves several stages. Learn how to plan the wedding of your dreams, whether today or after the pandemic.

Determine your budget with your partner. This might be one of the most sensitive tasks of all because it deals with finances. You wouldn’t want to turn into a bridezilla all of a sudden amid the whole wedding planning process. Figure out who’s paying for the expenses or how you will split the bill. This will potentially ease the tension during the decision-making stage. Keep track of your spending to avoid going over the budget.

Start making a guest list. Although you are planning a pandemic wedding, your original guest list might have to be cut down significantly due to the quarantine guidelines. Communicate with your friends and family members individually so that you can explain the situation properly. Despite the obvious reason that is the pandemic, sometimes it’s still best to personally talk to those concerned about the current situation you are dealing with. It might be time-consuming, but it could save you some relationship friction.

Hire a wedding planner, especially if you are busy these days. No matter how small your wedding is, it will greatly help if you and your partner have someone to help you with the process. The coordination with the venue and the suppliers could easily get stressful. Having a wedding planner with you can ease the stress away.

Several steps in the wedding planning stage could be disregarded given the current pandemic situation. If you are to be wed during this time, consider allocating your extra budget to your future honeymoon plans instead. During this time, you can also start planning your honeymoon despite the limitations of traveling. It will allow you and your partner enough time to make adjustments and consider smarter decisions regarding this.

Postponed Wedding Traditions Due to COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has postponed a lot of plans since the past year. Along with this is the cancellation of a few wedding traditions that could potentially do more harm than good, given the current situation.

Since the start of the pandemic, there have been more at-home weddings than before. Many couples are opting for outdoor weddings at home to push through with their ceremony while also following social distancing guidelines. It will also allow proper ventilation for the guests and the couple.

Meals during weddings have also made a shift. Wedding food these days has become individualized to avoid contact and sharing of common food. This is to prevent contamination and the spread of the virus.

Meanwhile, couples have also been experimental with wedding attires. Many couples have been making fashion statements with their wedding frocks. This could be a reaction to the gloominess of the past year.

Despite these changes, couples continue to show love and support for each other through trying times. Weddings may have become smaller, but relationships have grown stronger in the past year.

If you are planning on having a wedding during this time, make sure you follow strict safety protocols before, during, and after the ceremony to ensure a safe and happy celebration for all.

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