Preparing a Vineyard Wedding: What You Must Look For

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If you and your significant other love wine and nature, a vineyard wedding is the best way to celebrate your unity. However, preparing a wedding is very different from standard events.

For weddings, you want venues that are memorable, romantic, and dramatic. Meanwhile, for other events like digital conferences and seminars and elsewhere, you need places that can accommodate your delegates, have rooms for breakout sessions, have nearby hotels and business centers. However, no matter the event, it’s best to prepare for them beforehand.

Here’s what you need to look out for when planning a vineyard wedding to ensure your special day is as magical as possible.

The Venue Itself

The most crucial part of planning vineyard weddings is the venue itself. When choosing between places, keep in mind the type of ceremony you want to happen and other factors. These considerations include the venue’s occupant capacity, wine options, in-house event supplies such as chairs or lights, and an indoor option if it rains during your special day. Plus, if you’re going to invite families to your wedding, you must ask beforehand if the venue allows children.

Level of Privacy

If you’re considering having your wedding in larger and more popular vineyards, make sure to find out whether they’ll be closing the venue to the public during your wedding day. That’s because some vineyards leave their premises open for wine tastings and tours, even for events like weddings. Some places will offer to close their venues for a particular time, while others allow you to pay for a ‘full-buyout’ for total privacy.

Rain Plan Alternative

Most vineyards offer beautiful outdoor wedding options, but when planning for your big day — you need to ensure you’re equally happy with the venue regarding their indoor alternative should it rain on your special day. So, ensure to ask and see what the ceremony and reception would like in the event of rain. Other vineyards resolve the issue by simply putting up a tent, while some have gorgeous indoor venues.


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Some vineyards may work with local vendors in the area, including caterers, florists, and event planners. It’s best to work with these individuals as they’re closer, easier to get in contact with, and lets you support small local businesses. Plus, working with local vendors can help you achieve a sustainable yet grandiose wedding, helping you cut down waste — allowing you to celebrate your wedding with great success and keep the surroundings clean.

The Wine

Most vineyard venues require couples to serve their wine if they plan on using their place for the matrimonial ceremony, so you and your partner need to be big fans of what they make to avoid your picturesque wedding getting ruined by bad wine. So, ask for samples beforehand to see which works best for you and your significant other.

Whether you and your partner are wine lovers or adore the idea of tying the knot in a scenic location, a vineyard wedding is a great option. But like with any other wedding venue, weddings in a winery have its challenges — but knowing the things to prepare for beforehand like the ones mentioned streamlines the process, helping you ensure a picture-perfect wedding day.

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