Serene Colors to Add Peace and Calm to Your Home

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Multiple studies have been conducted to prove how colors affect our psyche and well-being. They’re enough so that experts often use color psychology and theory in determining their clients’ home interior design. It is a cornerstone of design, not just for aesthetics but also for function.

If you want to give your home a relaxing and soothing upgrade—and there’s no better time to do it than now when we’re spending more time at home than ever before—here are some colors and palettes you can consider and explore, and how you can use them in subtle ways.


When one thinks of a peaceful color, blue often comes to mind. And rightly so: It brings up the image of a calm ocean, crystal clear waters, and even blue skies on a warm summer day. Sleep experts also recommend the color blue to help induce sleepiness and keep anxiety at bay.

If you love the idea of adding a dash of the color blue in your bedroom but think it’s too vibrant or only looks good in a nursery, consider a soft, quiet version like a pastel teal or blue-green. The pastel version of this color can also look good in a Rococo-style room, reminiscent of Marie Antoinette and that entire era. Aegean teal is also a color that interior designers love in 2021 because it’s unique but still helps relieve stress and instantly provides a feeling of calm just by looking at it.


If you think blue or any of its shades is too basic, you can opt for other colors that have it as a base, like lavender. It’s not blue per se, but it does have a blue base, which means it might be able to provide the same soothing features as any other kind of blue. To give your space a more modern and feminine edge, you can paint your walls something softer like lilac or a soft violet and have your furniture pieces be more neutral.

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Many homeowners hesitate to use green because many of us have memories of our grandma’s kitchen wallpaper and how the greens in old houses look a bit outdated and straight out of the 1970s. But when done right, green can look sleek and ultra-modern, all while giving off the calm and peaceful atmosphere you get from blue.

The truth is that the color green, whether dark or light, can provide a sense of serenity in us because it evokes the color of nature—and spending time in greenery has scientifically been proven to be good for our mental well-being. If you want to incorporate green into your home but don’t want it to look too outdated, opt for muted green paint colors with pale yellow undertones. The color of Dakota Johnson’s kitchen comes to mind.

Warm white

There is a reason an all-white home has been on trend for the past decade now. White rooms tend to evoke feelings of openness, brightness, and light, and they can also be calming. But designers and homeowners need to know what they’re doing when using white paint because an all-white room can instantly look like a sterile hospital if done wrong. Warm white walls are also easier to design and plan because you have a blank canvas to play with.

If you’re using white for your walls, make sure that it’s not a stark white so that it’s not too dull. Use clean and crisp furniture pieces and design elements so that the space can set the tone for your entire day when you wake up. Let the natural light in by ditching the drapes or using sheer white ones. When the light hits the white walls, especially if you use an eggshell finish, your home will be the epitome of an open, bright, and calming space.

Soft pink

The color pink has long been used by feng shui experts to keep the energy in a room understated and calm. Don’t fall for the misconception that pink is more of a feminine color, though; if you use the right tone, it can look stunning and right in any room, from your common areas to the entertainment room. It also represents love and romance, so it might be perfect for the master bedroom, too.

Do not underestimate the power of color to set the atmosphere for your home. Partner with the right interior designers to help you find the best colors and designs for your house, and let it be your refuge during the pandemic.

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