Using your Mala Beads to Meditate

If you’re of those people who are into yoga and meditation, then you’ve most likely heard of mala beads and their uses. These beads can definitely be used as an aid for meditation and today, we will discuss how you can effectively do so.

Mala beads and prayer beads vary in size, material, and usage, and it is extremely important to get the right one, especially if you want it to aid you with meditation and personal advancement. Take a look at these tips below to know how you should be using them with yoga and meditation.

Clarify Intention

Know what type of meditation or yoga you are doing and choose the right mantra and/or affirmation that you want to use during the session. You can choose from different ones such as “I attract abundance”, “I love myself”, “I am strong”, or basically anything that you want to manifest.

Look for a Comfortable Space and Position

Find a place where you can fully relax and meditate. It should be somewhere soft and serene – a place where you know nobody would bother your practice. Next, sit quietly in a cross-legged position. Close your eyes and observe the speed and depth of your every breath.

Once you feel totally at peace and you have noticed the depth and speed of your breath, try to take deeper breaths. Bring your attention to your mantra or affirmation and absorb it with every breath.

Work with the Mala Beads

Now, it’s time to work with the mala beads. Go ahead and get the first mala bead and hang it gently on your middle or ring finger. You should use your right hand for this. Next, get the guru bead and place your thumb on it. Begin reciting the mantra loudly again, over and over.

Once you are done reciting the mantra, gently push the mala bead away using your thumb. Move on to the next one, and do another round of what you just did. Mala beads range from 7 – 108, and you have to repeat the process depending on how many beads you have.

Do Not Skip a Mala Bead

If you want the meditation and practice to be effective, then it would be best if you could avoid skipping over a bead. If you are done with the meditation but you want to repeat the affirmations or mantras, then just turn the mala around and use it in reverse.

Using the mala beads for prayer is basically the same thing, as well. It is meant to bring your spiritual side out and absorb the peace in, and you definitely should feel at peace before doing the practice. These beads possess different energies, colours, and properties, and choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Talk to an expert or do your research beforehand so you can be sure that you will be able to get the right one.

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