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The wedding day is one of the most important days in a person’s life. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in a couple’s life. However, little inconveniences do occur occasionally, and it is best to reduce the likelihood of them happening, especially on this day. It’s fair to want to make this day as stress-free as possible while still having a good time. This can be achieved with proper planning.

There’s a lot that comes when it comes to planning a wedding. From the bride’s gown to seating arrangements, many decisions can easily overwhelm anyone. The process of planning and preparing is crucial to its success. Some details can make a great difference in preparing for the big day.

Cover Financial Obligations

Being timely about payments and dues is important, but to make it less stressful on your part, consider allocating and separating money ahead of time. Getting dues out of the way is one less problem to deal with. However, you might need a little more cash in hand on the day.

This is advice most fit for things to pay for on the day. Having an envelope designated for tips is a great way to keep things organized. Be sure to label the envelopes and hand them to a trusted family member or someone helping with the wedding.

Have an Extra Copy of Your Vows

You might never know when you need a copy, but you sure wouldn’t want to wait to find out when that will be. The key to making this a successful day is having contingency plans. But if you don’t mind going rogue, you do you. But most importantly, don’t wait until the last minute to write your vows. You should at least have an idea what to say on the day to make sure you’re ready and get to say what you want to without missing anything.

The same goes for the person who’s giving a speech. Advise them to have a physical copy since phones can die even in the most important moments in life.

Get a Head Start on Thank-you Cards

Signing thank you cards is one of the tedious bits of planning a wedding, but it’s bearable and doable when down slowly yet consistently. Get a head start by printing out cards with a uniform template and blanks to fill up information like names to recipients.

For an easier and more green alternative, opt for an e-card. You can mass send your thank-you cards via email. If you want to make it a little more personalized, send them one by one, addressing recipients directly.

Talk to Your Wedding Planner

Put aside your feeling conscious about your worries. Talk to your wedding planner, no matter how irrational or unreasonable you think your worries about the wedding day are. You might even catch yourself committing a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It’s valid to feel this way, and it’s best to keep your planner updated. Doing so will help you be on the same page. It helps them gauge your expectations and mitigate anything before things go out of hand.

Keep Food Accessible

As fun and as memorable as the big day can be, it’s pretty hectic behind the curtains. The preparation is pretty demanding that people, including yourself, could be too preoccupied to eat. Be sure to have some food out and ready to eat for getting ready locations.

This way, people can grab a bite without going too far or having to stay hungry. Be mindful that everyone will most likely be in their dresses and tuxes, so you might want to consider preparing “dry” foods to prevent any unwanted accidents.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep Before the Big Day

As nerve-wracking as you might feel the night before the big day, it’s important to get enough sleep. It’s preferable to start the day as well-rested as possible. In fact, getting good sleep reduces wrinkles and age spots. It’s too important of a day to feel a little groggy or tired in the morning. Besides, good beauty sleep helps too.

Get Some Pampering Done

A few days before the wedding, get some pampering done because you surely need and deserve it! Planning a wedding is stressful, so don’t forget to reward yourself for the hard work. Additional things you want to get done before the wedding include getting a haircut or a wax, having a spa day, or getting your nails done.

It’s too important of a day not to be prepared mentally, physically, and emotionally. While preparing and planning for it, don’t forget to take care of yourself!

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