What Is Your Partner’s Language of Love?

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Contrary to childhood belief, marriages don’t necessarily equate to “happily ever afters.” A successful story doesn’t end with two people dressed in wedding attires in front of an altar, sharing a kiss. It also requires more than the best silicone wedding bands the market has to offer.

These components are nice to have. However, they work better when accompanied by the elements that every marriage needs in order to thrive and succeed. One is communication.

Communication (Words of Affirmation)

One of the foundations of any relationship, especially a marriage, is communication. By talking and listening, you and your partner can build up your trust in one another. You can also deepen your connection so that you can achieve a better understanding of each other.

Communication also gives both parties the chance to perform or receive one of the love languages, words of affirmation. To put it simply, love languages are five ways that people can express their commitment to their partner. These five ways are ranked depending on the person’s preferences.

Dr. Gary Chapman, the man behind the concept, discussed these ways not to have the languages serve as guides for people to land the perfect partner. Instead, these are meant to strengthen the bonds that people already have. By understanding other people’s love languages, you can adjust your behaviors to suit the other party’s needs, just as other people will do the same for you.

As its name implies, words of affirmation are the expression of love and adoration through verbal means, like praises. “You always look beautiful,” and “Great job with the kids today!” are some examples.


Material items bring everyone joy, some more so than others. If you have gifts ranked high on your results, you will find that you show appreciation through gifts. You also feel more appreciated when your partner does the same. Flowers or jewelry — a present, no matter how big or small, leaves you feeling loved.

Acts of Service

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Actions speak louder than words for you if you have this high on your list. Examples of what you do in marriage are willingly doing the chores or looking after the kids when your spouse is busy. Similar to gifts, the magnitude of the act means very little to those who prefer acts of service.

Quality Time

For some people, all they need is the presence of their partner by their side, whether working side by side, going on walks, or watching a film together. If you have quality time as your primary love language, having a distant partner is a stuff of nightmares.

Physical Touch

If you thrive more with touch, physical touch is your primary love language. Some of the best ways to express and receive affection is through hugs, kisses, or even backrubs. The absence of physical touch in your relationship can leave you feeling neglected.

Marriage flourishes when both parties make an effort to show how much they love and care for the other person. By learning about your partner’s love language, you can better understand what makes them tick and how you can show your love in ways that they can appreciate more.

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