How to Keep Your Wig in Good Shape While Traveling


Anyone who has traveled with a wig will tell you that it definitely entails some extra work, but not so much that it’s better to go wigless. Although it may be an extra hassle to have to pack your wig, clean it while on vacation, make sure it doesn’t fall off your head, and all of those other things, there are many ways to make traveling with a wig as worry-free as possible.

Here are some things that you have to consider to better plan for how you’re going to take care of your wig:

The length of your vacation

If you’re only going to be gone for a few days, then you may not need to worry about washing your wig unless you do something that gets it particularly dirty. But if your vacation will last for more than a week, expect to clean your wig at least once.

Your destination

Similar to the length of your vacation, your destination will also play a vital role in how frequently you have to clean your wig. For instance, if you’re going somewhere temperate and humid, you likely have to wash your wig more frequently since you may sweat more. Moreover, if the place is known for having high levels of air pollution, frequent cleaning is definitely a good idea to get rid of the contaminants that accumulate on your wig.

Your itinerary

Next, you have to think about the activities you’re planning to do. Are you going swimming? Paragliding? Hiking? If you don’t plan to simply chill by the poolside or sit out adventurous activities, then you need to prepare to take care of your wig before, during, and after each activity.

Wig care tips for traveling


After you determine the level of wig care that your vacation entails using the above-mentioned factors, let us get into how you can keep your wig in good shape while traveling:

  1. Invest in a good travel container

Of course, you wouldn’t want to just throw your wig into your luggage with everything else lest it gets tangled up or stuck in the zipper. To keep your wig safe in transit, roll it up carefully in a net, then place it in a silk pouch or any other appropriate container that, as much as possible, doesn’t have any zippers.

If you’re going to wear your wig while traveling to your destination, it’s a good idea to have a bag ready in case you need to take it off for whatever reason. Keep it in your carry-on bag as well so that you don’t risk it getting lost.

  1. Stock up on wig care essentials

Before you depart for your next big adventure, don’t forget to drop by your trusted wig shop to top up your wig care essentials. Get travel-sized containers if you want so that you can keep your luggage light. Moreover, you may want to choose products that are less heavy or greasy if your destination is going to be hot and humid. Now is not the best time to experiment, but if you have a tried-and-tested product that will be best for your destination’s weather, bring it along with your other essentials.

  1. Bring a portable wig stand

Don’t risk damaging your wig by spreading it out across the hotel couch or hanging it on the back of a chair. Hanging it up is also a no-no since the lace can rip from the weight of the hair dragging it down. Instead, invest in a portable wig stand where you can keep your wig safe when you’re not using it. If you’re worried about luggage space, there are wig stands that fold up completely and are very lightweight. Look for one online or ask your wig stylist to help you find one.

  1. Pack a second wig or headcover

Anything can happen while traveling; your wig could get lost, the lace can rip unexpectedly, or heavy winds can get the hair tangled up into a disastrous mess. Whatever it is, it’s best to have a backup plan for when you’re unable to use your primary wig, such as a second wig (that is preferably low maintenance) or a headcover.

Taking care of your wig while traveling may be more challenging than it is at home since there are a lot of variables that you have to consider. Nevertheless, wig care becomes much more important when you’re in an unfamiliar place and don’t have access to all of your hair care products.

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