To All Future Brides: Take These Five Pieces of Advice to Heart

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As a woman, the most important decision you’ll make for your wedding day is arguably what you’re going to wear. What you wear on this special occasion is something that you’ll look back on for years and years to come, which is why you need to find the right one.

Many factors come into play when deciding your wedding dress. This can include the dress’s fabric, color, style, and neckline, or the time before the day itself as well as your budget price range. All these factors can affect how you come to a decision and it can be very overwhelming.

Besides the factors already mentioned, there’s also the pressure from your family about the kind of dress you should have. When you take all these into account, you might realize that it would be easier to forego the big ceremony in exchange for civil marriage at the courthouse.

But there is a way to not let all these stressors get to your head and cost you the wedding day you’ve been dreaming of all your life. You deserve to have a magical wedding day just as much as the next woman, so here are five pieces of advice for you:

Advice #1: Decide on Your Wedding Theme

The worst thing that could happen to you on your wedding day is being out of place. You want to stand out among the crowd because you look incredibly beautiful, and not because your dress makes you look like you’re a fish out of water.

That’s why it’s important to set a wedding theme before you buy your dress. This makes it easier to find a dress that will fit in just right with the crowd, yet can still ensure that the spotlight is on you. So, before you start beginning your search for the perfect dress, settle your wedding theme first.

Advice #2: Make Comfort a Priority

You didn’t spend an inordinate amount of time looking for the perfect dress only to get out of it after two hours. If you’re not changing out of your wedding dress after the ceremony, then you should ensure that you can move comfortably no matter how long you wear it.

So, don’t buy an uncomfortable dress just because it looks good; buy it because it looks and feels good on your body. It can be tempting to get a gorgeous dress with a tight bodice or an excessively long train, but the visual appeal of your dress will be useless if it won’t allow you to breathe or if it trips you repeatedly.

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Advice #3: Stay Within Your Spending Limit

Trying on dresses that are way out of your budget will only bring you pain and suffering because you already know that you can’t afford it. Don’t give yourself unnecessary stress by falling in love with gowns that are beyond your price range.

Instead, research good boutiques around town that sell modest wedding gowns that are within your spending limit. This eliminates the chances of you liking a dress that you can’t afford, and therefore, won’t cause you to lose sleep at night or have regrets.

Advice #4: Be True to Your Size

When your wedding date is still far away, it can be tempting to get a dress that is one or two sizes smaller than your current fit because you believe that you can lose weight. But while this is not impossible to achieve, it can stress you out because of the internal pressure to drop a few pounds.

You must remember that you’re having your wedding to celebrate the beginning of you and your soon-to-be spouse’s new life together. This means that your partner already loves you for who you are, and you shouldn’t have to change yourself in the process.

It’s okay to want to lose some weight for your wedding, but you shouldn’t do it for the wrong reasons. So, if you feel like dropping one or two sizes before the wedding will be too much work, then you should find a dress that fits your current size. This will allow you to feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Advice #5: Choose a Dress That You Actually Want

The opinion of your friends and family is important because it will help you make your final decision. But while their perspective is valuable, the most important deciding factor should be yours at the end of the day. You must not let what they want dictate your life because it’s you who will be wearing the dress.

Another essential factor that you need to consider is how you feel while wearing the dress. It should make you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world, and not just a woman forced to wear a dress because her mom said so. Besides, you’re old enough to make your own decisions.

Your wedding dress could be the most expensive piece of clothing that you may ever have in your life. That’s why you could neither rush the decision nor let anyone else decide for you. It might currently be a heavy burden weighing on your shoulders, but taking the time to find the right dress will be worth it.

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