What to Plan in a Bridal Shower for Everything Else to Follow

Wedding planning can make the bride lose her wits. Her feet are probably full of callouses from going back-and-forth arrangements. Her hands are full, trying to hold together ten items at once. While weddings are magical and dream-like, the days prior to it can be like hell.

A self-care-themed bridal shower is perfect to relieve the stress of the bride. This is a good option, especially prior to the wedding because it can refresh the bride.

Maybe the bride did have a self-care and beautification day planned in preparation for the wedding. This way, the bride is absolved of one responsibility — and expenses. The girls can ready their nails, treat their hair, and have a facial. They can also apply permanent makeup, so they can look “on fleek” during the wedding and avoid the long process of sitting still for the hair and makeup artist.

It’s a full day off, free from worries — just complete relaxation with their close friends. It could be a spa day or a salon day for the girls.

The moment the girls have conceived the idea of throwing a bridal shower, they should form a team. Each member should have their assignments to avoid stepping over tasks. It’s also to keep track of the party need when the jobs are designated.


The first order of business should be the logistics. This would include the theme of the bridal shower and the venue. In this case, it’s a pampering day. The group should decide whether it should be a spa or a salon.

The spa will offer relaxing amenities like massages, sauna, and body treatments. This is an all-out relaxation getaway to ease muscle tension and overall lift the burden of the wedding planning.

The salon, on the other hand, would be focused on cosmetics. From nails, foot spa, hair treatments, to waxing, the salon will never let you leave looking haggard. At the end of the day, everything will be fresh and plump and ready for the ceremony.

Once you’ve decided on the venue, it’s time to search for the perfect place. It should cater to the number of guests, plus room for other fun activities that you might have planned. Give the place a visit to personally book the venue and avoid miscommunication. It would also be better to book the entire place — if there are no secluded amenities available — because a party may be a little noisier than a regular spa customer would like it to be.

cake with bride to be written on its stand

Invitations, Decorations, and Giveaways

There may seem like knickknacks, but a good party needs them. Invitations can also be optional, especially if the group is planning a surprise party. A good surprise is one that leaves no tracks. Hence, a simple phone call for the guests and a reminder the day before the event would suffice.

Decorations set up the ambiance of the party. A salon may just be plain and good for everyday business. However, this particular day is not. Therefore, when the bride enters, she needs to know that it’s a bridal shower, and it’s for her. Decorations can be balloons, streamers, party headwear, etc.

Aside from pictures, guests may want to have a souvenir of the amazing day that they had. A little giveaway could do the job. A customized item would make a good giveaway since the organizers can indicate the event and the date.

Food and Drinks

You have the place to yourselves, and it’s a party after all. When organizing a spa or salon party, they should gauge the kind of food that is plausible for the venue.

For example, a full lunch with a roasted pig might be too much for a salon. Hard drinks could be counterintuitive for a spa. It’s best to opt for cupcakes and snacks that are not messy. Wine and juices can do the job or keeping the relaxing ambiance of the party. In case the group wants to go out and enjoy the night, they can have an after-party — much like high school prom.

Another point of decision is whether you should hire a caterer or do a potluck. Catering services are convenient because nobody has to worry about utensils, service, and preparation. A pot-luck offers a sense of camaraderie and a wide variety of food.

It’s a simple way of celebrating the upcoming happy-ever-after of a friend. Moreover, it’s like doing the bride a favor by allowing her to rest and rejuvenate. Plus, she’ll be surrounded by people who will surely make this day memorable.

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