Event Marketing Tactics that Boost Brand Awareness and Popularity

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Building your reputation as a new brand or a startup business is a crucial step to ensure that consumers will recognise your company. You need to run marketing campaigns and conduct research to develop a robust plan to increase brand awareness. Without proper brand introduction, people will have no idea about your products and services. They will not even learn about your brand name, which causes your business to lose the opportunity to gain clients. To avoid this, you have to think of smart marketing tactics that will lead to better brand recognition. One of the best ways to do this is to run a successful event where you can formally introduce your brand.

Essential Benefits of Organising Events for Your Business

Some business owners don’t recognise the importance of running and organising business events. Others avoid this tactic because they choose to allocate their funds towards other marketing tactics. If you are a startup company, it’s naturally understandable that you have doubts about running events. Indeed, with your limited budget, you will likely doubt whether implementing this strategy is worth it or not. To ease your mind a bit, here are some remarkable advantages that you can get when you organise events for your brand:

  • Improve brand recall
  • Promote your venue
  • Connect with your clients
  • Find reliable business partners
  • Build authority and trust
  • Generate sales
  • Raise funds for your business

Effective Strategies to Promote Your Upcoming Events

Running a successful event lies within your ability to attract an audience. You have to ensure that you know how to promote your event effectively. This way, you can ensure that enough people will attend your event. Here are a few recommendations to help you with event marketing:

  • Build a website or an online page for your event—Create a website or an online page dedicated to promoting your upcoming event. Ensure that it is visible to your target audience by implementing search engine optimisation, social media marketing, and other online marketing strategies. Make sure to publish this page several months before the event. This way, you will have enough time to make all the necessary preparations.
  • Print custom items to promote your brand— Start building brand awareness while running campaigns to promote your events. You can let your employees wear custom printed work shirts before and during the event. With this, people will recognise your brand name or your logo, especially if they keep seeing other people wearing your brand.
  • Entice audience through email campaigns—Don’t forget to tailor customised email campaigns to attract an event audience. Let people know about your upcoming event, and don’t forget to mention the benefits of attending it. You have to include information about why people should not miss your event.
  • Post highly shareable social media promotions—Promote your event on social media. Make sure that it’s not only a one-time post. Schedule the promotions accordingly and make sure that your social media posts will keep reminding people about your event. You can create useful and visually-appealing content such as infographics, interactive photos, or fun videos.
  • Take advantage of pop-up store strategies—You can also start a pop-up store before your actual event. Let potential customers visit your pop-up store and make sure to display your products and promote your services properly. Find the right location for your store so people can easily access it.
  • Consider giving freebies— Entice them with freebies so that they will have more reasons to feel excited about the upcoming event. You can run mini-contests to improve engagement and ensure that people will start talking about your event more often. Don’t forget to give out prizes as well. For instance, you can provide rewards or discount ticket prices for the first ten people who can sign up or register for your event.

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New brands will often face the challenges of convincing consumers to check out their products and services. Even if they offer cheap-priced and high-quality goods, they will still struggle to gain customer trust without proper marketing and brand-building strategies. Running and organising events will be a perfect option to ensure that your brand will get its well-deserved recognition. Introduce your brand through corporate events and make sure to invite potential clients and business partners. Make sure to use clever marketing tactics as well. This way, you will be able to convince people to attend your event. Don’t forget to prepare a follow-up marketing strategy so that people will continue remembering your brand even after attending your successful event.

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