The Beautiful World of People Who Work in Beauty

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Working in the world of beauty is the dream for beauty enthusiasts. It’s a world filled with makeup swatches, runway fashion, and the latest hairstyle trends. If any of these three (or if all of them!) make your heart flutter, then working in an industry of beauty will suit you well.

If you’re interested in diving into this beautiful world, it pays to know the roles you can play.

Do you love playing with different hair styles or granting hair dreams? You might want to be a hair fary godmother at a local salon in Orem. How about dabbling with makeup as a makeup artist or cosmetologist?

You’ll never run out of options, given how successful the beauty and cosmetics industry is nowadays. The continued growth results in more jobs.

For those who wish to purse a career in the beautiful world of beauty, you’re in luck. There are plenty of options to choose from, some more unconventional compared to the typical hairdresser or makeup artist or cosmetologist that you are familiar with.

Cosmetic Surgeon

The medical field also works well with the beauty and cosmetic industries. Professionals who have the education and experience to perform cosmetic procedures make a difference in the world by helping people address their beauty concerns.

Cosmetic surgeons, often for a hefty price tag, can perform and oversee reconstructive surgery on their patients, leading to improvement of physical appearances. A medical license is required of surgeons in order to operate.

If you have a medical background, get the right education and certification to practice in this field.
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Modelling allows those in the profession to act as blank canvases for brands. They are utilized in campaigns or advertisements by these companies to present their products. You pose for clothes and makeup and you’re good to go.
In the beauty and cosmetics industry, models are photographed in such a way that highlights the best features of the product they’re helping promote. This can be the latest fashion wear or beauty product.

No degree is required in this line of work. However, some choose to undergo training to gain the necessary skills to become both a photoshoot model and a runway model.


Writers, regardless of the industry they may stumble into, can write about any topic, including beauty. They are allowed numerous opportunities in the beauty and cosmetics industry, one of which is becoming a regular contributor to fashion magazines and websites.

A few notable examples where writers can submit their work are Glamour, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar. If working for a known brand and editor isn’t in line with the writer’s taste, it’s also possible to start their own blog or vlog channel where they will have full control of the content released.

Similar to modelling, you don’t need a special degree to become a writer in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Still, it pays to have your undergraduate degree.

These career opportunities give different opportunities to work with different shades of beauty on the daily. Like most professions in life, they need to be entered with tenacity, wit, and hard work if you wish to succeed in your chosen beauty profession.

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