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Career in Beauy industry

Beauty is perceived as one of the most important qualities a person can have. Despite it being inherently subjective, most of us put great stock into it. As we grow older and more aware, we realize it doesn’t only affect our mundane everyday existence. To some degree, it can influence other areas of our lives, like our relationships and careers.

Modern times have provided us with more means of highlighting and enhancing our physical features. Cosmetics only grow in popularity each year. Countless makeup companies are currently reaching for their share of the market. And just recently, someone even came up with the ingenious idea of permanent makeup. Such services are offered everywhere, from Utah to Massachusetts.

The boom in the cosmetics industry has resulted in the creation of more job opportunities. Working with makeup and cosmetics has become a lucrative career choice lately. Below, we explore the different career paths that makeup lovers can pursue if they wish to work with cosmetics.

Freelance Makeup Artist

A makeup artist is the person tasked with applying makeup wigs, and prosthetics. Their clients rely on them to improve upon their general appearance. A career as a freelance makeup artist is one of the gateway professions to the world of makeup.

Many successful makeup artists that we know of today started off as freelancers. In their years as freelancers, they built their clientele. Unlike most career paths, freelancing as a makeup artist provides the person plenty of flexibility in terms of time and rate.

While the fee may start off low, it’ll only grow as skill develops and image grows. Moreover, the industry that the artist is in may also affect their salary. But the typical average salary for makeup artists is around $60000 in the United States.
Beauty Writer

Beauty Writer or Editor

Writers and editors can now talk about beauty and cosmetics in their entries. Those who prefer to do so can choose from several avenues, one of which is publication.

Beauty editors are in charge of managing content related to skin care, hair care, and cosmetics. In some cases, they are also tasked with mentoring newbie writers, too. For more renowned companies, editors will also have to deal with trying out new products from various brands in order to give their honest review on it. Depending on the publication, beauty editors can make up to $57000 a year.

Beauty writers, on the other hand, can work with a publication or solo. Blogging and vlogging has become more widespread nowadays. Thanks to the many marketing options available, many content creators have found that it’s much easier to grow their fan bases lately.

Brand Representative

A job as a brand representative is perhaps the most accessible in the beauty industry. Otherwise known as retailers, these individuals deal directly with customers. They are in charge of introducing various products and brands to the public, and they may also deal with retail location management.

While highly accessible, many retailers make less than their other counterparts. The average base pay for retailers is around $19000.

There are many more career options for those who want to work with makeup and cosmetics. A profession as a makeup artist itself will open plenty of opportunities, from working with celebrities to theater personalities. At the end of the day, tenacity and grit, as well as dedication to improving one’s craft fuel a person to make it in this market.

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