Developing a Mindful Fashion Sense: Why Consumers Need Sustainability


Having a great sense of fashion can improve your quality of life. Learning how to dress with style and elegance can help improve your self-esteem and confidence. No wonder many people are trying their best to learn a few techniques to enhance their knowledge and skills in staying fashionable. If you also love dressing up, you might be one of those who are constantly looking for new outfits to add to your wardrobe. Indeed, there is nothing wrong with wanting to follow the latest fashion trends. Doing so can help you feed your passion and happiness. However, it would be best to stay mindful of what your actions may cause, especially to the environment.

Understanding the Impact of Fashion on the Environment

Collecting various outfits can make you feel happy as it helps you improve your confidence and sense of style. However, being unaware of your actions towards fashion may bring a negative impact on the environment. According to a report, the fashion industry is responsible for producing 10% of humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions. This leads to incredibly high temperatures, which harms the environment and poses a danger to people’s health. Aside from the greenhouse gases, the fashion industry also contributes to water pollution. Toxic waste from tons and tons of textiles end up in rivers and oceans. If you consider all these scenarios, you will understand the dangers that the fashion industry brings to the environment.

Practicing Sustainability While Staying Fashionable

Despite the dangerous impacts of fashion, you can continue chasing your dream of becoming a fashionista. However, you need to be more conscious whenever you are purchasing new outfits or discarding old ones. If you want to start being a responsible fashionista, you need to practice sustainability even if you want to remain stylish and fashionable. Remember, certain activities can help you minimize the negative impact of being chic and stylish. The key is to gain more information about how to practice sustainability. Aside from this, you need to educate yourself about the best ways to protect the environment even when you remain leading a stylish and fashionable lifestyle. Here are a few suggestions that you can consider:


  • Pick a fashion brand wisely—It would be best to support brands promoting ethically made clothing. This means you need to buy from brands that are promoting sustainability. Pick brands that are spreading awareness about preserving and protecting the environment. This way, you can go guilt-free whenever you purchase new outfits from them.
  • Purchase outfits that you can wear several times—Pick clothes that you can wear more than once or twice. This helps you limit your purchases, which contributes to the reduction of waste. When purchasing new outfits, think of whether you can pair them with your existing clothes. This way, you can ensure that your new clothes will be usable even after several years.
  • Pick quality over quantity—You may be tempted to hoard cheap outfits so that you can collect more clothes. However, it would help if you kept in mind that more affordable clothes often mean lower quality items. Thus, if you have enough budget, ensure that you invest in high-quality clothes. This way, you can avoid replacing or disposing of your purchased outfits too often.
  • Consider learning how to repair or reuse clothes—Instead of ditching your old clothes, consider reusing and fixing them. You can find useful tutorials where you can make a new outfit from your old clothes. The key is to bring out your creativity and ensure that you stay passionate about minimizing the waste you produce at home.
  • Try donating clothes that you don’t use anymore—If you are tired of wearing the same clothes, consider donating them instead of throwing them out. Keep in mind that there are lots of charities out there. You can send your clothes to facilities that are helping those who are less fortunate. Just make sure that you clean and repair the outfits before giving them out.

Changing the way you view fashion will improve your lifestyle and help you make remarkable contributions to the environment. Thus, it would be best to start your journey towards becoming a sustainable fashionista as early as possible. This way, you can ensure that you help protect the earth’s natural resources while still meeting your lifestyle needs. Besides this, you can positively influence those who are just starting to learn about fashion. Be an ambassador for positive change in fashion and encourage people to continue minding their actions, especially when it comes to improving their fashion sense.

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