Wardrobe Essentials for All Fashionable Women Aiming for a Timeless Look

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Shopping for clothes is, to most women, an indulgence they cannot do without. It might, unfortunately, be impossible to keep up with the fashion trends that shift almost daily without going broke. Thankfully, you can invest in a few timeless foundation pieces that can be tweaked to re-invent your look and remain fashionable with only a few pieces of trendy clothing.

Knowing the foundation pieces, you should get from a store dealing with contemporary women’s clothing is not just about looking good but also saving some money. Saving money, in this case, does not mean picking the cheapest piece of clothing available but rather getting an expertly stitched one whose durability is guaranteed. Here are the timeless wardrobe essentials you should get.

Black Pumps

Sneakers, loafers, and flip-flops undoubtedly have their place in your wardrobe. For dressing up even simple jeans on date night or office wear, you will need the best-looking black pumps. There are several shapes for black pumps, but the almond-shaped toe ones are the ones that have a timeless look and will always remain fashionable. You should also opt for matte leather rather than suede or patent since these will transition better through different seasons.

Trench Coats

These have been in vogue since the 1800s and still are because they are super-classic, flattering, and functional. Moreover, trench coats will fit virtually all body types since they are waist-defining. These can be paired with pants or dresses and are ideal for the drizzly days in spring and fall when they keep you dry and warm while maintaining a professional look.

When looking for a timeless coat, opt for one in a neutral color with classic detailing like a double-breasted bodice, a tie around its waist, and medium lapels. The best-quality trench coats are often those with a cotton gabardine lining though poplin and leather also suffice.

woman wearing dark washed jeans

Dark Wash Jeans

Jeans remain a staple of all women’s wardrobes, but the dark wash variety is the best for those aiming for a timeless look. These can be paired with flats for a lunch date or with sparkly heels for holiday parties. The ideal jeans shape will largely depend on your body type. Pear-shaped women look good in boot-cut jeans, while apple-shaped women should ideally go for high-rise straight jeans. Skinny jeans are designed for ruler-shaped women.

Pencil Skirt

Skirts are flattering and classic clothing pieces that complement all ladies’ body shapes. If you have to get only one skirt for your wardrobe, ensure it is a pencil skirt. Its knee-skimming length and high rise make it ideal for all events. The skirt can be worn with jackets, blouses, or sweaters. When buying a pencil skirt, grab one that contains 2–5% spandex. This gives it some shape and guarantees the skirt will not loosen during the day like that made of 100% polyester or cotton.

With the above pieces, you are sure to exude the right look for virtually all events. You will, therefore, not need to always head to the store for a new outfit. All you will need is to change the way you accessorize the items to get a new look suited for the occasion at hand.

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