Decorating with Cultural Pieces: How and Why You Should Do it

The home of a well-traveled person might be filled with decor and merchandise from different parts of the world. A vast collection of souvenirs speaks of their passion for exploring and experiencing various cultures and traditions. From cute refrigerator magnets to statement floor vases, every area of their home surely has something that reminds them of an adventure.

Even if you do not frequently travel, decorating with cultural pieces is still possible. A travel-themed home is unique and creative, and it can make you feel like you’ve gone across countries without actually traveling. A mosaic glass chandelier hanging from your ceiling, for example, can transform your abode into a Middle-eastern indoor paradise, and you can get your hands on such decor without going out of the country.

If you’re wondering how to incorporate different cultures into your home’s decor, then you’re in the right place.

Go for Handmade Pieces

Authenticity is vital to achieving a travel-themed or global-inspired home, and handmade pieces do the trick. They should be ethically sourced so that you can contribute to the local producers of those pieces.

Bowls, baskets, textiles, and trays can also be displayed, but they might not spark as much cultural value as handmade pieces. These pieces can go with your furniture and even be a part of your wardrobe! Consider that you are supporting local artisans by patronizing their amazing and unique handicrafts.

Blend Contrasting Items

Cultural pieces will most probably not match the majority of your furniture, but they should fit in. Blend contrasting items. For example, place an antique cabinet in a modern-style room. Play with textures, patterns, and scales and see if the cabinet’s aesthetic appeal complements the other things in the room. The thematic tie-in can be challenging, but you will see that the room can pull it off.

Be Creative

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Adding cultural pieces, especially high-quality ones, gives your home a whimsical vibe. Determine which style fits your home before purchasing an expensive, high-quality piece. For example, a clean and spacious area can make Native American arrowheads stand out, and Ikat-print silk drapes can serve as a focal point in a traditional American room.

When providing a focal point for your home, remember that it’s supposed to be a singular piece. When too many grand elements are placed in one room, it will look overdone and unappealing. You want that single piece to pop, so it must be placed somewhere without distractions.

The Benefits of Cultural Home Decor

Displaying cultural pieces can make you appreciate the place that they came from and the work involved in making those pieces. If that country is where your ancestors are from, then the decor can give you an understanding of their culture. When your guests notice the unique pieces, it gives you the chance to explain their origins, including the significance of those pieces in your family’s lineage.

Cultural differences can be an exciting topic for many. It gives your guests a better understanding of who you are, especially if the decor is authentic. Heirlooms and other vintage pieces from family members and relatives will add a unique touch to your home, which will fascinate your guests.

When decorating your home with cultural pieces, make sure that every piece resonates with your personality. Your home is your sanctuary, so the space must feel yours. Traveler or not, cultural pieces certainly add a twist to your home, challenging your creativity and appreciation for diverse cultures and aesthetics.

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