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It’s often said that a woman’s wedding gown is the most important dress she will ever wear. Moreover, it serves as a beautiful memento for their wedding day, which is one of the most memorable events in one’s life. Not sure where to start? Girl, we’ve got you covered! Here are some basic tips to help you out with your dress shopping:

Plan Ahead

Moving to and from shops is tiring and inconvenient. This is why, instead of simply marching into boutiques, it’s best to devise a game plan. Decide on the stores you want to go to and give them a call or send an e-mail of inquiry in advance. Ask them which designers they carry and whether or not they offer alteration services and sell bridal accessories. You should also inquire about their price range.

Schedule an appointment with the stores that caught your interest. As for the shops that don’t match your needs and preferences from the get-go, you can skip them and save yourself a lot of time. It’s also best to limit yourself to visiting two to three shops a day to avoid exhaustion and stress. In addition, you should research on locations that house lines of boutiques so you can save time and money on excessive transportation. If you live in Utah, there are fashion districts with multiple shops that sell bridal gowns in Provo, Salt Lake City, and South Jordan.

Consider the Venue

According to Martha Stewart Weddings, it’s crucial to take your wedding venue into account when choosing a gown. This way, you can select a piece that is suitable for the place. You wouldn’t want to wear an embellished ball gown at a beach, would you? You should also consider the time of the ceremony and the season, so the fabric will be appropriate for the weather. Brocade and velvet are great options for the winter, while organdy and linen are top choices for warmer seasons.

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Decide on the Style

In choosing the style of your bridal gown, you have to consider your body type. Ball gowns accentuate the waist and work well for most body frames. However, if you’re quite petite, it’s best to avoid wearing a ball gown because the bulk and volume can make you appear shorter. As for sheaths and body-hugging pieces like mermaid gowns, they can highlight bodies with balanced proportions and are most flattering on taller women. As for the color, make sure that the shade of white matches well with your skin tone. Ideal shades vary depending on whether you’re warm-toned or cool-toned.

Establish a Budget 

Figure out your spending threshold and use this as a reference when shopping for your wedding gown. You can also inform the staff at the boutique about your budget so only the dresses you can afford will be presented to you. Moreover, allot extra cash for additional costs like the bridal ensemble including the veil, accessories, and undergarments, as well as alterations and resizing. There’s also the professional dry-cleaning, steaming or pressing that can spike your gown expenses.

Shopping for your wedding dress can be daunting and difficult, but with proper planning, you can make it fun and enjoyable. Lastly, be sure to bring a trusted backup — a family member or friend — whom you can ask for advice and assistance while trying on your potential bridal gowns.

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