How to Know If You are Too Picky in Dating

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When looking for a partner, you might be muddled about which one to choose because there are tons of dating apps and matchmakers out there. Here’s to give you an idea. You can find high-end professional matchmaking services in New York or other places.

Many people these days have been so inclined to online shopping, watching online movies, and sharing humorous video clips on social media platforms. It seems everything’s moving so fast now. You can obtain the items you want without needing to travel.

Shopping Mentality = Being Too Picky?

Most people check product reviews and do some research before buying something on the internet. This “shopping mentality” has led people to apply it in dating. For example, when you use a dating app; you won’t mind discarding a person. Why? You are confident that the platform has an endless list of photos on the platform, and you have the freedom to choose the partner that you think is right for you.

Conversely, have you realized that until now, you hadn’t decided yet which person you will be dating because it seems you can’t find the perfect one. The following information will tell you that you’re already too picky in dating.

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  • You want the whole package or get nothing. You’re ready to face the odds of having no partner in life because you can’t find all the qualities you’re looking for in a person. You don’t want a second date anymore because you weren’t satisfied on the first date.
  • You want to experience the kind of love that’s like in the movies. You’re hoping for something that isn’t likely to happen.
  • You reject the person early in the game. On the onset of your date, you saw your partner is too thin or fat that you want to end the date right away. You always think about what your friends will say when they see your boyfriend or girlfriend because they are the best critic of all time.
  • You value the pros and cons list on every date more than anything else.
  • You make little things big. Name a person that you know who has no flaws in life. So far, nobody’s perfect. Each individual has his own distinction. Just because the person you’re dating has freckles, you wouldn’t go for a second date anymore? You’re making little things too big. You shouldn’t immediately nip in the bud any potential for a date within seconds.

It might be that you see that there’s something wrong with everyone you meet. If this is the case, using a dating app may not be very useful for you. You might be looking for a bespoke service such as matchmaking assistance from professionals. But always remember to be open-minded and it will help you find the right person easily.

If your friends are telling you that you are too picky, they ate probably right if you have dated many people and you are still single. But don’t you worry. It’s not too late. You can still find the love of your life; you just need to be patient — and less picky.

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