Things to Watch out for in a DIY Wedding

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It’s finally wedding season, and love (and stress) is in the air. If you live in a particularly expensive city, the wedding season can take a toll on your wallet. The whole process of organising a wedding requires paying a lot of vendors for a variety of services. While you may be tempted to cut costs by doing it the DIY way, hiring a wedding planning service in London can help you avoid some of these last-minute wedding disasters. Here, we discuss the top things that can usually go wrong when planning a DIY wedding:

Disastrous Wedding Photos

People often decide to forfeit getting a professional wedding photographer and may choose a friend to do the honours instead. This all sounds great on paper. But keep in mind that wedding photography requires professional expertise. Just because your friend is a great editorial or landscape photographer doesn’t mean that they will be able to take the types of pictures you want at your wedding.

The photographer needs to be experienced in wedding photography so that they know how to look out for the perfect romantic moments. This is even more important when it comes to videos. Without the professional equipment that wedding photographers use, the videos are going to look shabby. You should look at the photographer’s portfolio to get an idea of their style, instead of just asking a friend. A professional photographer will also give you the guarantee of providing a backup photographer if something goes wrong.

Something Amiss with the Cake

Unless your friend is a professional baker owning a bakery, it’s best to pay a bakery for making your wedding cake. A professional wedding baker is going to have the right tools for decorating, and nothing about it is going to look rushed. They will also be responsible, and they will have a properly refrigerated van available for transporting the cake. The truth is that when it comes to the wedding cake, looks matter as much as taste. Even if you are serving the most delicious cake, if it’s lopsided or barely holding together the layers of fondant, then it’s going to make your wedding look like a disaster.

Makeup Blunders

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A lot of people tend to do their own makeup with the help of friends for their wedding. But no matter how expert you are at applying makeup before parties, remember that your own wedding day is a completely different affair. You are going to be under immense stress, and we all know that it’s hard to apply eyeliner properly when your hands are shaky. On top of that, stress can make your skin break out, so always make sure to get a hair and makeup specialist to make you look gorgeous on your special day.

While it makes total sense to want to save on your wedding, these are some things that you simply cannot do without a professional. This is a special day that you will cherish forever. Make sure that every little detail reflects that.

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