Don’t Stress out: Natural Ways to Avoid Tension

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Stress is a part of everyday life, and so is managing it. While medication might be the easiest way to get rid of it, it’s not always the best choice. Simple changes in your life can reduce stress significantly, allowing you to live happier without popping pills.

Get Some Sun

A morning run or a stroll under the sun will balance your mood and give you a boost of energy. Depression and feelings of lethargy can be brought about by too little sunlight (especially during winter), but just a few minutes of morning sun can banish your negative feelings. Sunlight prompts your brain to release serotonin, a neurotransmitter that boosts your mood, as well as makes you feel calm and alert. A few mornings under the bright lights of the sun resets your circadian rhythm or biological clock, allowing you to sleep better at night. A mere 10 minutes under the sun will also provide enough vitamin B in your body to strengthen your bones, regulate your blood pressure, reinforce your immune system, and reduce your chances of developing Type 2 diabetes.



Any form of exercise is effective in reducing stress. Physical activity prompts your body to release endorphins, another type of neurotransmitter that lifts your mood. Exercise allows you to release pent up anger, sadness, or fear by channeling your body’s flight or fight instinct through physical activity. Running and other activities that get your heart pumping are particularly effective.

While meditation and yoga will teach you to breathe through your diaphragm to relieve stress, your body automatically does so when you’re running or engaging in moderate to intense physical activity. Regular exercise can increase your energy levels, improve your mood, raise your self-confidence, and help you relax. Staying fit will also allow you to maintain your quality of life and avoid cardiovascular diseases. You’ll get to keep walking as you grow older and you’ll avoid most of the diseases and conditions associated with obesity (and there are a lot of them).

Find Balance

Don’t stress out on activities that you don’t like. Hate doing the laundry? Use professional laundry services that pick up and deliver your laundry right at your doorstep. For the price of a few cups of coffee, you can save an hour of your time (more if you’re doing laundry for your family) —and avoid the stress that comes along with it. Any time you can use money to avoid stress, you should do so, just make sure to make a few sacrifices in other areas to make up for it. Don’t miss out on chances to pamper yourself or spend more time with your family. Take short vacations or engage in fun family activities. Constantly doing things you don’t like will erode your spirit, but doing things you like will restore it.

Stress is natural; you just need to find ways to manage it or channel it positively. Balance your mood with some sun and exercise and avoid the things you hate while doing the things you love.

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