Composing a Classic Wardrobe: What You Should Remember

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Picking an outfit for the day could be frustrating. You want to look at the top of your game and at the same time feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. Unfortunately, fashion trends could sometimes be inappropriate for your body type or are uncomfortable to wear for an entire day.

Special occasions are even worse because these are times when you wear clothes and shoes that aren’t in your daily wardrobe. Or maybe you’re not going to an event, but you want to look extra special to highlight the engagement ring you just got or maybe draw attention to a luxury watch you were finally able to afford.

During these times, when you want to make a good impression, the best no-hassle decision is to stay away from trends and go with the classics. You don’t overdress, and at the same time, you’re not unfashionable. What makes a classic wardrobe, though? We all know about the little black dress, but other than that, what comprises the classics?

Color choice

Black, white, gray, and neutral colors are considered the classics. They serve as a great base for any color accent or motifs. They also look elegant on their own.

However, your wardrobe doesn’t need to be solely composed of these colors. You are free to mix colors as long as you follow what is called the color theory. Using the color wheel, you would know the complementary colors, those that are opposite each other in the wheel.


Ever since Marlon Brando was seen sporting a leather bomber jacket in the movie A Street Car Named Desire, it has been a classic symbol for men’s virility. Leather jackets also later became fashionable even for women.

Leather is durable. Leather bags, shoes, and belts could last far longer than those made of fabric. The process of creating it is also resource-intensive. Thus it is not cheap. Consequently, leather has become synonymous with expensive and speaks of elegance and sophistication. Even with animal rights gaining popularity, leather is not going out of style. There are just vegetarian options now for those who like its sleek look without getting their conscience bothered with animal hide.

Worsted wool

Classic often also spells out durability. They are present despite the changing trends because they last long. People would also intentionally buy them precisely for this reason. Worsted wool is one of the most durable fabrics, made out of high-quality wool yarn, and is a classic choice for suits. Compared to carded yarns, these are combed yarns using only longer fibers. As a result, they are also less itchy than carded yarns. There’s a light worsted wool fabric that could be suitable even in the summer temperature, although the heavier version is the better one for the best draping of a suit.

For the cut, the classic is liberal across the chest and waist. Unlike the slim cut, it is loose enough for the person to move comfortably. However, it’s not baggy and would still show the shape of the wearer.

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Blue Jeans

Since jeans, originally called ‘blue jeans,’ got into the mainstream after they were first considered workers’ clothes, it never left.

Jeans, denim or dungaree, have been worn in different styles. There’s the ripped, skinny, distressed, high-waisted, and there even was the bell-bottom. But no matter how they were styled, similar to the rest of the materials in this list, they last long.

The history of jeans started with the working class. They needed clothes they could use for hard labor. Be it denim or dungaree, jeans are made of a thick cotton cloth used in rugged conditions without tearing.

This piece of clothing was made more popular among the youth when James Dean wore it in the movie Rebel Without a Cause. Since then, it carved a niche for itself in street style and even making an occasional appearance in high fashion.


Accessories have also come and gone. There was a time when layered necklaces had been the vogue. Chandelier earrings also became a trend, and so did simple studs. But still, as with anything, there are classic pieces. For women, it’s the pearl and the diamond studs. As the diamond is an extravagant stone, wearing it as simple studs tones it down a bit. Pearls are versatile. Be it stud earrings, a bracelet, choker, or a long strand, they exude elegance in their beauty and simplicity.

Having these classic pieces in your wardrobe is a convenient fashion decision. Your days would be easier to start. You could grab any of these pieces when in a rush. At the same time, you don’t have to keep buying to keep your wardrobe updated. You don’t need to keep up with the changing trends because these pieces will always be in style.

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