How Your Getup Should Be in a COVID Wedding

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If there’s anything that the pandemic has taught us, it’s that Life is short. It’s not economical to sit and wait around until a certain time to do things because it’s obvious — you can see what happened when COVID-19 came along. Our ‘normal’ was disrupted, and many things we used to do were suddenly not available to us anymore.

For one, weddings are just one of those things. With the pandemic, you can’t hold nuptials like you used to anymore. Shopping at wedding couture shops will have to be done differently just as suppliers and other things needed for the big day need to be taken care of.

If you planned to be wed this year, you’d have to wait for next year, as it’s a little late to be married in 2020. But will you have to postpone tying the knot in 2021 just because you can’t buy your dream dress? Here’s how you can still push through:

1. Wear a Local Dress

Sure, everyone wants to look like a queen or a king on the day of your wedding. After all, it happens only once in your life. However, with the pandemic happening, you should be shopping somewhere you’re sure there are no cases.

If there happen to be zero cases of COVID where you are located, then lucky for you, you might get to shop in a local store. If not, then you can consider shopping online. It’s much safer, and you’ll get to choose so many choices without having to rub shoulders with other couples shopping for their own dresses.

2. Think about Having a Vibrant Explosion of Color

After spending most of the previous year at home, having a wedding with vibrant colors is a must. Think of it like this — staying at home may have felt like you were confined in a drab, gray, 4×4 box. Getting out of the home feels like an explosion of technicolor in every shade imaginable. With it also being a new year, you should be bolder with your decisions. If you must stay with color for your wedding, think bold colors.

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3. Enjoy the Feel of Cloth on Your Skin

In other words, you should not let your inhibitions rule the day. If you think you’d want to wear something lacy, then, by all means, go ahead. The same goes for creating a garden-inspired dress or a beach wedding ensemble.

The theme of your wedding should be you. You should not let anything ruin it. You’ve spent enough time being cooped up in someplace for you to become apprehensive with your dress choices. Staying simple does not mean you can’t be extravagant with your dress.

4. Make Facemasks a Part of the Proceedings

Even if you’ve managed to hold a wedding despite all the threats of COVID, you should still think about your and everyone else’s safety. If there are warnings to always wear a mask in your area, you should do so. It will go a long way, and it shows how you’re thinking about everyone else’s safety.

If you must coordinate your masks, make them blend well with the dresses. You can also choose to design the masks to fit the occasion. Again, you do you on your wedding day.

Just because the pandemic happened doesn’t mean that it should ruin your wedding day! Just remember to think that it’s not going to be only you there — even if a few people are attending your wedding, there are still people you should think about. Think about everyone’s safety, and you’ll make a memorable but simple nuptial even under the new normal.

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