When It Rains, It Pours: Understanding the Extreme Weather Conditions in the UK

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  • The UK has experienced extreme weather conditions recently, from the Beast from the East to floods.
  • It is important to invest in the right clothes for cold and hot temperatures.
  • Flood defenses such as barriers or sandbags can help protect homes from flooding.
  • Sign up for flood alerts to be aware of potential floods in your area.
  • Stay informed about extreme weather conditions by checking news updates and following weather sites for advice.

The UK is certainly blessed with its fair share of weather extremes: from heat waves to heavy rain, the country can experience it all. However, the country has seen extreme weather conditions that have challenged even the most seasoned meteorologists in recent years. From the Beast from the East to the catastrophic floods that wrought havoc in Britain earlier this year, the UK has seen it all. Here’s what you need to know about these extreme weather conditions and what you can do to prepare for them.

The Beast from the East

In February and March of 2018, the UK experienced what was dubbed the “Beast from the East,” a phrase used to describe a cold spell that brought heavy snow, freezing temperatures, and biting winds across the country.

This weather phenomenon was caused by a current of frigid air sweeping across Siberia. It brought record-breaking snowfall and sub-zero temperatures – some parts of the country saw temperatures drop to as low as -10C.

Many roads were closed, public transport services were disrupted, and schools and workplaces were forced to shut down. The Beast from the East tested the UK’s resilience but highlighted the importance of being prepared for such weather events.

Flooding in the contryside


Flooding is another extreme weather condition becoming increasingly common in the UK. In November 2019, heavy rains in the Yorkshire region caused devastating floods that left many homes and businesses under a foot of water. Floods can occur anywhere in the country but are particularly common in areas with heavy rainfall and close to bodies of water. Floods can be hugely disruptive, causing property damage, displacing people and animals, and disrupting transport and essential services. The good news is that there are many ways to prepare for floods, including investing in flood defenses and signing up for flood alerts in your area.


While it might seem like a distant memory now, the UK had one of its hottest summers in 2018. This heatwave saw temperatures rise to a scorching 35C in some parts of the country, which was particularly challenging for the elderly and vulnerable. During heatwaves, staying hydrated, staying indoors during the hottest part of the day, and wearing loose-fitting, light-colored clothing are essential. It’s also important to check on elderly neighbors and relatives who may be particularly vulnerable to heat-related illnesses.


Storms are another extreme weather condition that the UK is no stranger to. In early 2020, Storm Ciara brought hurricane-force winds that battered the UK, causing widespread power cuts, travel disruptions, and damage to homes and buildings. As the climate continues to change, these severe weather events are likely to become more frequent and intense, so you must invest in building more resilient infrastructure and reducing your carbon emissions to help prevent more extreme weather events.

Being Prepared

The key to weathering extreme weather conditions is being prepared. Here are ways to be prepared for the extreme weather in the UK.

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Invest in the Right Clothes

The cold can lead to problematic diseases, so investing in the right clothes can make a huge difference in your health. An affordable goose-down jacket can be a great way to warm yourself during winter. These are made with special insulation that traps heat and keeps you warm even in freezing temperatures.

Likewise, during summer, lightweight clothes made with breathable fabrics can help keep you cool. Wearing light colors such as white or pastel shades can also reflect the sun’s rays and help prevent overheating.

Invest in Flood Defense Systems

Floods can cause chaotic destruction, so investing in flood defense systems is essential if you live in an area prone to flooding. This could include installing barriers around your property, such as sandbags or flood walls. These can help keep out rising water and protect your home from damage.

Sign Up for Flood Alerts

Flood alerts are sent to people living in areas prone to flooding, so they know when to expect a potential deluge and can prepare their homes accordingly. Sign up for these alerts on your local government website or through a third-party provider.

Stay Informed

Finally, staying informed about extreme weather in the UK is essential. You can check the news for updates or follow weather sites and meteorologists that provide accurate forecasts and advice on preparing for extreme weather conditions. By doing this, you can be better prepared to weather whatever the UK’s unpredictable climate throws.

With preparation and knowledge, you can ensure that extreme weather doesn’t catch you off guard. From investing in flood defenses to signing up for alerts, you can take various steps to be ready for the worst. By staying informed and taking the necessary precautions, you can be ready for whatever nature throws your way.

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