Hormones: What Happens in the Pre-Commitment Stage

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Love is a crucial element in the human primal brain system. Everyone exists as a result of a love relationship. There are many elements, such as openness, communication, and compatibility that shape a relationship. One neglected element when two people are coming together is the role of hormones in their relationship. If more people understood the impact of hormones on human relations, there is no doubt that people would make different choices.

Here is a guide from professional dating services that seeks to explain how hormones affect feelings and how these feelings change in the course of the relationship. There are two major phases in a relationship: pre-commitment and commitment. Hormones affect relationships in major ways during these phases.


The first stage of building a relationship is the pre-commitment stage, and there are overwhelming emotions a play. Estrogen and testosterone drive desire and lust in individuals. On the other hand, serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine create attraction between the two parties. These hormones will influence the first impression and perception of the other party. That explains why love is usually unpredictable at first.


The best description of lust is a great desire for sexual gratification. This desire arises from the human need to reproduce, and this is common in living beings. In both men and women, testosterone is responsible for the increase in libido. Some women also say that they get more sexually aroused around the ovulation time when the estrogen levels are highest in their bodies.


happy coupleIt is important to note that lust can happen with or without attraction between the two parties. There are pathways in the brain that control reward behavior and these are responsible for the attraction feeling. One can experience effects such as a rapid heartbeat and sweaty palms. There are two hormones that are responsible for these effects; dopamine, and serotonin.


Also known as the ”feel-good chemical”, dopamine is the hormone that is responsible for high feelings when we have our favorite meal or engage in a daring sport. Both mystery and novelty drive dopamine levels.


This is the most important hormone in love. This hormone causes a change in thought patterns and makes your mind think of love and nothing else. Your brain has one end goal to meet, and that is to be in love.

Relationship experts state that the pre-commitment stage usually lasts between 18 and 36 months. That is quite a long time. During this time, you will have hormones that will be altering your thinking and behavior. Now, for those people who get married before 36 months, this phase will fade when they are in the marriage. That explains why some people fall out of love after a certain period of getting married. It is because the hormones have now subsided, and they are getting into the next stage of the relationship.

Knowledge is a powerful tool. When you know how hormones — major internal stimuli influence your relationships, you will navigate the dating scene easily and with confidence. Letting these hormones dictate your dating journey with professional dating services will help you build a stable and mature love that everyone deserves.

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