Top Reasons Intimate Weddings Are Good Choices

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Wedding celebrations have become more elaborate as time passed by. With the extravagance, some couples get stressed in preparing for the big event. But, it does not have to be this way. The bride and groom could bring back the warmth in such a celebration. Couples may ask, “Are intimate weddings worth it?” Here are some strong reasons for a couple to pick this alternative.

Chances to Customize

Small weddings give a wide variety of beautiful and unique party venues to choose from. A couple does not have to be tied with the conventional wedding venues. With fewer seats to fill, they can make use of the space to do as they please.

Also, a couple has more liberty to put their personalities in every detail of the wedding. They can choose vendors who specialize in customized designs or even go the path of DIY weddings. A lengthy guest list can push a couple to get standard centerpieces or souvenirs. This decision comes from the thought that everything must get accomplished on time. A smaller wedding gives a couple the luxury of time to do as they please.

Less Stress

Brides often take the weight of wedding preparation. As such, many brides find themselves feeling harassed even before their big day. On the day itself, the couple must make sure that everybody is comfortable and enjoying. This consideration takes the focus away from the real reason for the event. Guests should be there for the couple. Instead, the couple becomes preoccupied with entertaining the guests.

An intimate wedding lets a couple enjoy their day as it is supposed to be. They only have a couple of people they need to think about. Also, smaller weddings take a shorter time to finish, giving the couple more time to rest. It also provides the couple with more time to be with one another on their first day as husband and wife.

Option to Splurge or Save

Most people think that smaller weddings would mean lesser expenses. While this may be true, it is not always the case. Not having to think of having many guests, a couple can redirect their funds in an aspect they want to splurge in. A bride can go for that designer wedding gown she has been dreaming of. The couple can take their guests to a destination wedding, all-expense paid.

But, practical couples also choose an intimate wedding to save. Having fewer guests mean having fewer expenses in all aspects of the event. They can put whatever they have saved for their future instead.

Special Time with the Dearest Ones

Some couples commit the mistake of not trimming down their guest list. As a result, they could have someone in the event they barely know. With an intimate wedding, a couple chooses only the dearest ones to witness their union. They can have more meaningful conversations with one another. They can also share more precious moments. The couple does not have to be all over the place to entertain everyone.

Also, the couple knows that these selected people share in their happiness. They would think less of being judged.

Eco-Friendly Choice

One notable benefit of an intimate wedding is the help it gives to the environment. Having fewer guests mean less waste to produce. Also, you can conserve energy and water resources this way. That brings your wedding to a new level of awareness.

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Intimate weddings are memorable because of many reasons. Couples can choose to have one and have the most memorable event of their lives.

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