Keeping the Peace at Weddings: A Planner’s Guide

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Wedding planning is nothing like planning other events. It takes a lot more time, stress, and money to do weddings. For a lot of people, this is one of the highlights of their lives, so you don’t want to mess it up. That’s why a lot of vendors charge extra for weddings because it means stepping up their job in all aspects.

One of the hardest things about a wedding is satisfying all your loved ones. Although the wedding is for the couples, neglecting everyone around them can cause drama that could ruin the wedding day. This is why planners and couples try to make accommodations that will somehow keep everyone, or at least the most important people, happy.

If you want to avoid the extra stress of dealing with unhappy guests, here’s what you can do to avoid them.

Hire professionals for makeup and hair.

A lot of brides want their bridesmaids to look similar. Although it doesn’t necessarily mean looking the same, they want them to be coordinated in their aesthetic. This is often a conflict between bridesmaids because not everyone likes the same style for hair and makeup.

You can have them do their hair and makeup, but two problems might happen. One is that they might all end up looking widely different or going too over-the-top. The second is that it can become chaotic and cause delays.

You can prevent this by hiring a professional from a bridal hair salon or makeup parlor. They would have expert stylists who can adjust to the needs of each person while still keeping it ‘on the theme.’ Also, these professionals are trained to do everything in a timely and scheduled manner. You can rest easy knowing that everyone will be having their makeup and hair done on time.

Know important diet restrictions beforehand.

A basic wedding and reception can last as long as four hours, and many of them probably took some time to travel and get ready for your big day, too. That’s why you must have something for them to eat during the event.

The food is one thing that guests remember and sometimes look forward to at a wedding reception. It leaves a bad impression if you have someone who can’t eat because they can’t eat the food available. Some people may have allergies to this food item or can’t eat gluten.

An easy way to avoid it is to ask the guests before they have certain dietary needs. If you have a small guest list, then you can personally ask them. For larger groups, there’s the option of adding the question in the invitation. Most wedding caterers will have special menus or create separate dishes that are gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, and all that.

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Make shopping for bridesmaids dresses a group effort.

Similar to the hair and makeup, coordinated dresses are what brides usually want. However, some bridesmaids don’t feel as comfortable wearing certain dresses as others. You might also find that what is flattering for one person may not look good for the others because of their body type.

Fortunately, newer trends show how you can make them look the same without actually using the same dresses. What you can do is have them follow the same color or style (or both). You can look at bridesmaid dresses that come in a set. One example is similar dress styles, but some would have different sleeves or different lengths. All you need to do is have dresses with a lot of similar features, such as hemline or material.

Know when something is worth it or not.

Even though you’re trying to make sure everyone is happy, it’s still you and your partner’s day. You can maybe compromise for some things but also remember to keep the things that you really want. If certain aspects are crucial to you, then stand your ground.

Think about the things that are really important to you. Don’t just make adjustments for everything just because you are pressured to keep the peace. When in doubt, ask your partner or someone important to you about the best course of action.

Wedding planning is tough and stressful work, and it’s hard to please everyone because of possible conflicting opinions. However, sometimes there are ways to change some parts of your vision without becoming too much of a pushover. Be open to new ideas because you might end up discovering new things for your wedding that is way better than what you originally planned.

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