How to Wear Your Most Confident Smile at Your Wedding

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By far, there may never be a more nerve-wracking experience than your very own wedding. You really don’t need much preparation when you attend your graduation rites in college, or for that matter, your birthday. These may cause some tension. But when it comes to making your heart jump out of your body, the day you walk down the aisle is top of that list. Quite simply, when you want to tie the knot, the first thing that unravels is your ability to think straight. It’s true. If you’re not careful, your wedding day can easily become one statistical nightmare. And things can get ugly pretty fast.

In this regard, wearing a confident smile on your wedding day can therefore become a tough act. Know that this is where your mind can play tricks on you. It can conjure all sorts of disastrous scenarios that actually don’t happen.

Luckily, beaming a perfect smile on your perfect day is not as hard as you might think it is. Simple strategies that have been proven to work time and again should keep things in order. After all, your big day is the day you and your partner become one. You’re the center of the show. And everyone else is just a witness to your union.

Plan Ahead

If the wedding is that important to you as a couple, then plan it months ahead, if not longer. You really will get goosebumps if you invite so many people to a wedding that’s based on half-baked plans.

Now, there are two ways you can go about it. You can plan your own wedding. Or you can have a wedding planner to do it for you. If you choose to do it yourself, you should be ready to put in on average 300 hours. That’s about twelve days spent solely on the planning side.

For the most part, getting a wedding planner is a wise choice. Why? You won’t have to focus on the little things and non-essentials. You have someone to put things together. And that can save you a lot of stress on your wedding day.

For instance, you can discuss with the wedding planner what are the key moments you want to be pictured. He’ll do the rest.

The end result? You are in a better position to smile.

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Let the Best Version of Your Teeth Out

It’s tough to smile if some of your front teeth are missing. When it comes to dental issues, you should take care of these ways ahead of time. Book your dentist well in advance.

For one, periodontal care for your gums takes time. So it would help if you got the treatment factored in well ahead of time. Last-minute teeth adjustments may not only prove to be disastrous. It has the potential to give you a heart attack. No kidding.

Another reason why you should book ahead is better aesthetics. When you want to keep your teeth aligned and decide on gold dental braces, it’s definitely possible if you book ahead of time. To note, gold braces can certainly make your smile shine. Setting an appointment three to six months ahead should bid you well.

Additionally, you can also opt to whiten your teeth. Dazzling teeth can surely allow you to put your best foot forward.

Exercise Hours Before the Event

Now, let’s talk about nerves. There’s a good chance you’re going to get nervous. It’s just natural. Bill Russell, NBA legend who brought 11 championships to the Celtics, gets so nervous before games that he often throws up.

The trick is to deal with this fear ahead of time. Exercise can give you a boost in this regard. When you exercise, you reduce levels of your body’s hormones related to stress. We’re talking about cortisol and adrenaline.

Another way to lessen your stress is by meditating. Yoga and visualization have had a very positive impact on people who needed to go up the stage. That, along with some of the most applied calming techniques, should help you.

Get a Photographer of Your Choice

Lastly, you need to hire someone that can give you confidence. Choose a photographer you’re already comfortable with. A wedding will only as good as the memory it leaves. Getting someone you hardly know to photograph can leave you unsure and doubting. And that can hurt the quality of your pictures.

Getting someone you’re very confident with makes you comfortable. When you’re comfortable, your smile is more relaxing and natural. In short, you’re beaming. On the day of your wedding, that’s exactly what you should be. Say cheese!

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