Loose and Comfy: How Ladies Can Rock Oversized Outfits

Over the years, clothes that flatter the figure have always been the go-to pieces of women. After all, classic cuts and slim-fit items can be used on many occasions and are easy to rock. But if you want to incorporate new aesthetics into your style repertoire, you can always try oversized clothing.

Oversized clothes have always had a reputation for being the items you put on when you’re too lazy to style yourself. While shapeless and loose, oversized clothing can still look fashionable, especially if you combine the right colors and you know how to match them with accessories.

When you wear oversized clothes, you can move freely, and you will always feel comfortable. It’s like being always in your own home sans the bed hair, of course. You can seek style inspirations from the women of Seoul or Tokyo, who are known to be some of the world's most fashionable people.

Nevertheless, if you want to rock oversized clothes without looking like a hot mess, here are some of the pointers you might want to bear in mind:

Pick something that is one or two sizes up

Some women make the mistake of buying overly large clothes just for the sake of having oversized pieces. However, it’s not always the best idea. Clothing sizes that are too big for your physique will end up looking like a large blanket covering you, meaning they will look baggy. If you are testing the waters, stay on the safe side by buying clothes that are just one or two sizes up. You will find that these sizes will still manage to flatter some of your body features. But if you’re still not so sure about this, go for clothes that are actually designed to appear oversized. Remember, the goal here is to look relaxed, not baggy.

Turn uber-large shirts into a mini dress

One of the biggest dilemmas you might encounter when wearing oversized clothing is that it can make you look quite shapeless. You can avoid this by going for a single piece that you can put on. For instance, large shirts can be turned into a mini dress. Large sweaters can be used without long bottoms, such as pants. Doing it this way will help you emphasize the natural shape of your legs.

Form a structure

If you don’t prefer the baggy and boxy look, you have the option to retain an oversized clothing item’s structure by folding or hiding the right spots. For example, you can tuck your large sweater or shirt under your pants. While you’re at it, fold up the sleeves. You can also wear a belt to emphasize the shapes of your upper and lower body sections.

You can easily form a structure with oversized smart casual items, such as blazers and dress shirts. For one, large dress shirts can be tucked under a pair of slim fit and high-waist slacks or denim.

Try your boyfriend’s items

Your boyfriend or brother has items that will definitely catch your eye. So try to borrow some from them. This is a creative decision, as their clothes' size may not be too big or too boxy for your physique (unless you have a basketball player for a boyfriend). You can also be creative by shopping in the men’s section. For one, you can buy men’s denim for sale, which you can use for relaxed days at work.

Wear it your way!

If you want to add a new flavor to your wardrobe, you can go for something loose and relaxed. Trust the trend; you will always feel comfy!

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