The Best Ingredients in Hair Care Products and What They Can Do for Your Strands

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The hair is the crowning glory. Everyone regularly uses products and tools in order to sculpt, curl, straighten, color, or do all sorts of stuff to their locks. These, together with daily environmental elements such as the sun and humidity, can damage hair.

Fortunately, there are a lot of hair products for sale online and on grocery shelves that cater to all hair types and can keep the hair healthy. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find which products would work best for your particular concern.

To help you, here are some popular ingredients that you can find in hair care products and what they can do for you.

Rosemary Oil

You know rosemary as a common ingredient for food. It provides flavor and aroma to your favorite meals. However, if you use it on your hair, it can do amazing things.

Rosemary is added to shampoos and conditioners because it is known to stimulate scalp health and hair growth. One of the primary benefits of rosemary is improved blood circulation. Good circulation makes sure that the hair follicles, which are responsible for hair growth, are not starved of blood supply, preventing hair loss.

This is not just a warrantless claim. One study involving people with androgenetic alopecia showed that rosemary oil is just as effective as minoxidil, the medication used for hair loss.

In addition, rosemary has also shown improvement when it comes to dandruff, itchy scalp, and premature graying.

Coconut Oil

In recent years, coconut oil experienced a resurgence in popularity because of its long list of supposed health benefits. In the beauty community, coconut oil is heralded as an all-around ingredient that can be used to remove makeup, to soften the skin, and improve hair health.


According to experts, coconut oil reduces the loss of protein from hair strands which often leads to breakage and split ends. One study measured the amount of protein lost from the hair after regular washing. They discovered that those who applied coconut oil to their hair either before or after washing maintained the most amount of protein on their hair compared to those who use mineral oil and sunflower oil.

Coconut oil is also great because it provides shine into the hair and acts as a filter that prevents harmful ultraviolet rays. It smells like a tropical vacation, too, which is a plus.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is everywhere nowadays. Although it seemed like it suddenly popped out of nowhere recently, it has been around and in use for a really long time now.

In its purest form, argan oil is rich in vitamins and minerals. It also has high antioxidant content.

However, according to experts, what makes it such a coveted ingredient in skin and hair care is the amount of vitamin E you can get from it. Vitamin E is crucial to hair health because it neutralizes the free radicals that cause damage to the hair. As a result, the elasticity, shine, and life of your crowning glory are restored.

Olive Oil

It is great for your body and even better for your hair. Olive oil is not just a kitchen staple, but deserves a place in your beauty stash, too. As a hair care product ingredient, olive oil tames frizz. It is a heavier oil which means that it will weigh down hair strands which will keep your hair under control all day.

It also strengthens the hair and prevents breakage. Like argan oil, it has high amounts of vitamin E which fights free radical damage. Moreover, the monounsaturated fatty acids that come from olive oil penetrate the strands, locking moisture, and keep your hair nourished from the inside out.

Do not forget to add it to your diet, too. Olive oil, when consumed, will also benefit hair growth.

In addition to picking the right hair care products, if you want healthy hair, you need to give your hair time to rest and recover from heat and chemical damage every once in a while. Getting regular trims will also help keep your hair healthy and gorgeous.

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