Parenting in Style: A Mini Fashion Guide for Haggard Parents

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Parents are often expected to throw fashion out the window when the baby arrives. It’s as if dressing up is an act of irresponsibility because their lives have to be dedicated to childcare alone. Well, moms and dads, if you miss dressing up fabulously, your feelings are valid.

Raising a child shouldn’t take away your self-identity, which includes your sense of style. If you’ve always identified as a fashionable man or woman, there’s nothing wrong with keeping that identity when you become a parent. The look of your clothing doesn’t define your parenting skills. ;

Simply put, don’t let other people’s opinions sway you. You know yourself best, so if dressing to the nines motivates you more to parent, then do it!

On the other hand, if you’re too haggard to dress nicely, but still really want to, here are some simple style hacks for you:

1. A Quick and Simple Skincare and Makeup Routine

Caring for kids is exhausting, and your tiredness can show on your face. Renew your glow by putting on a moisturizer every night, and applying some makeup in the daytime. Mom blogger Kate Marsh Lord (The Shopping Mama) recommends just mascara and a lip gloss. The mascara will make your sleepy eyes look more alive, and the lip gloss will add plumpness to your lips. When you look that fresh, you can be stunning even in your pajamas!

2. Wear the Right Size of Clothing

Child-bearing adds a few pounds to your waistline, so swap out your now too-small clothes with ones in your new size. Wearing proper-fitting clothes can make your weight gain less obvious, or flattering to look at, because there’s nothing wrong in getting a little heavier, anyway.

Dads, especially older ones, also tend to gain weight during their parenthood journey. If you’ve always been a fashionable dad, make your new size more charming by getting your usual ensemble in a bigger size, too.

3. Add Accessories

The right accessories can make a big difference in plain attire. A nice pair of earrings, for example, adds a bit of fanciness to your otherwise simple outfit. A scarf around your neck is also a good accessory, as it makes any look chic.

Consider sentimental accessories to express your love for parenting, too. If you’re a dad who loves to bond with your daughter, get a pair of matching father-and-daughter necklaces for the two of you. Give it as a gift to her during one of your tea parties or play-date nights. Moms, of course, shouldn’t be left out at the party and also have matching accessories with their kids.

4. Have a Little Black Blazer

If the little black dress was your favorite go-to elegant wear before being a mom, chances are it’s now sitting in your closet, forgotten for ages. Evolve your little black dress into a little black blazer, which you can just throw on over your shirt or dress. Paired with a scarf, you’ll look fabulous.

father and son dressed fashionably

5. Invest in Live-forever Pieces

If you are at the peak of your career, reward yourself with a piece of clothing that can last forever. Think luxurious leather jackets, cable-knit sweaters, navy suits, or designer bags. Buying these pieces may be impossible if you’re a new parent, but once you recover your time for yourself, you’ve earned every right for fancy things. And since designer pieces can last forever, you may pass them on to your kids when they also become parents themselves.

6. Wear Boots

If scarves and blazers make any top instantly chic, boots will accentuate your jeans. They look good with anything and are suitable for women and men of all shapes and sizes.

7. Wear Dark-colored Denim Jeans

Even mom jeans can look flattering when they’re in a dark color. And next time you shop for jeans, don’t worry if you can’t fit in a skinny cut anymore. If giving birth has made you more pear-shaped, embrace the boot-cut jeans, as they will balance your figure.

8. Groom Diligently

Dads shouldn’t abandon their self-care routine. Go for regular hair cuts still, have your beard trimmed and styled, and use beauty products on your skin. Moisturizing your face and hands is a must if you want to keep looking young.

If you have a bad habit of biting your fingernails, stop that now and get used to clipping them instead. You may accidentally harm your baby if your nails are not cared for.

9. Play Dress Up!

If you really don’t have time to be fashionable, play dress up with your kids to have an excuse. Besides, dressing up doesn’t only benefit parents. It’s also good for the kids.

When kids wear a costume and play a role, their ability to think outside the box develops. So indulge their imaginations by playing dress up with them every chance you get.

Parenting becomes easier if you allow yourself to loosen up. Use fashion to create a bond with your kids, and to keep yourself grounded and inspired.

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