Signs of Being Ready to Take a Romantic Relationship to the Next Level

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If you’ve been dating someone recently or for quite a while now, you may have asked yourself more than once if he or she is “the one”, and if you’re ready to be serious. But how will you know if you already have the right person? How can you tell if your relationship is headed to marriage?

For instance, if you’re a woman and your boyfriend buys beautiful his and hers promise rings for the both of you, you may assume that he’s already being serious with you, especially if you dated a lot in the past and not a single one of your flings back then ever went that far.

However, being ready for a serious relationship shouldn’t be a spur-of-the-moment realization, although it can be sudden. Aside from symbolic and significant material gifts, there are a lot deeper things you’d feel and experience, proving that you’re finally ready to put an end to the search and settle down with your beloved. If you can relate to all these signs, then your heart is in the right place.

1. You Called Your Relationship Official

If your status with your current flame is still “exclusively dating” and you don’t plan on changing that, then perhaps you just aren’t ready to get serious yet, so give it more time. On the other hand, if spending time with them just makes you the happiest that you’ve stopped looking for more potential dates altogether, then you’re ready to call it official. Once you find yourself comfortable with that person and you don’t keep secrets from them anymore, waste no time and profess your true feelings.

2. You’ve Realized Your Worth

Gone are the days of dating to seek comfort and validation. When you finally realize your true worth, you’d no longer look for qualities in your partner that fill your shortcomings. You’d understand and accept that both you are flawed, and you won’t ask your partner to change because you adore them for who they are.

3. You Know What You Want

You’ve also bid farewell to the days of casual dating to experiment things. You now seek to have a deeper and meaningful connection with your current partner. You’re no longer afraid of being attached because you realize that they’re worth the risk.

4. You Put Their Needs Ahead of Your Own

This especially applies to men. Typically, they struggle to put their partner’s needs above their own because of their underlying ego. But if you’re a man who just realizes that you actually want to put your partner’s needs first, then consider yourself ready to settle down.

5. You Think About Children

Although not every married couple chooses to have children, it still remains to be a factor to consider before tying the knot. You don’t need to be ready to have children before getting married, but rather, you just envision yourself being parents someday. Bonus, if you’d actually discussed having children together.

You Just Found the One

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The definition of the “right person” or “the one” varies from person to person, so there’s no definite explanation as to what that person should be like. But as long as you feel deep in your heart that you can spend the rest of your life with your partner happy, then don’t overthink it and just embrace that you’re finally ready to settle down.

Just remember that the right person shouldn’t be someone who fixes you. Rather, they should be someone you can live without but still want anyway.

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