Choosing the Right Swimsuit for Your Body Type

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Bodies are categorized according to their shape. Understanding your body shape is crucial when you choose the contents of your wardrobe, especially your swimwear. Activewear made here in Canada are naturally body-hugging, so you must choose pieces that will flatter your body.

You should do this to strut your stuff confidently in style.

If you have a Big Chest

Women who have big boobs should stay away from bikinis as well as from swimwear that comes in Small, Medium or Large tops sizes. What you should look for are those bathing suit styles with thick and double-stitched straps neatly accentuated with an underwire so your girls will stay in place.

If you have a Small Chest

Women on the opposite of big-boobs girls should go for an embellished swimsuit top. Whether you go for ruffles or gems, they will definitely take away people’s attention to your flat chest. Aside from an accentuated bikini top, you may also consider getting a swimsuit with padding to give your boobs a little boost, or more.

If you have Flat Bottoms

Here is another problem that a lot of women have. If you have a flat behind, never think you are not sexy. Adding a few touches on that part can easily give the illusion that it’s bigger than it actually is. Ruffles and frills are ideal additions to your bikini bottoms if you want to make it look sexier.

If you have Big Butts

If you have a huge backside, on the other hand, you must stick to swimsuits that allow you more fabric down there. You would not want to keep tugging for more coverage the entire time that you are sashaying your stuff by the beach or the poolside.

To keep your look balanced, you may also opt for printed bikini tops paired with wedgies in a solid color.

If you have Broad Shoulders

Big-boned girls would have a problem of looking balanced when they are almost bare and with just a pair of bikini on. If you are broad on the shoulders but narrower on the lower part of the body, you must choose a swimsuit in solid colors, with accented prints on the sides.

An asymmetrical neckline may also help take away the attention from how broad your shoulders are.

If you have a Tummy Pouch

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Girls with big tummies, although they are not pregnant, are definitely in dire need to keep the bulky midsection discreet. A nice trick would be to choose a swimsuit that has a plunging neckline so the voluptuous top will readily take the attention away from the stomach.

Peplums or an overskirt may also be used to help conceal the tummy pouch.

If you are Practically Shapeless

Curveless and shapeless bodies like those that are battered by sports and other activities must go for bright-colored, printed swimwear. Ideally, you must choose girly prints that will help enhance the little-to-none body curves that you have.

Choosing the right swimsuit according to your body type says a lot about your confidence in strutting your stuff on a hot summer day. Make sure you understand what you lack and what you have to help you define what will keep it balanced.

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