Five Rules You Should Never Forget When Starting a New Job

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Were you a first-time job hunter who already landed their first job? Or maybe you already managed to find a new one after your last position? Then congratulations! Now that you’ve secured a new job, you’ll want to make sure that you make a great impression. This is not only to wow your boss and new colleagues but also to create a good record that will help your career in the years to come. But what does it take to do this?

To start on the right foot, you must learn about the basic dos and don’ts when starting a new job. Doing so will help you avoid the common mistakes that can cost you your job. Aside from avoiding tardiness and absences, the following are some of the things that you need to keep in mind:

Read and understand your contract

Every contract is unique; different employees have different roles and responsibilities, compensation and benefits, etc. Before you sign any contract or agreement, make it a point to read and understand everything. If you need any clarification, make sure to ask questions. Your employer or the human resource department can help you understand what your contract is all about. Make sure to keep all the important details in mind.

Know your rights

All employees have their own rights. No matter your age, race, gender, or creed, everyone has equal work opportunities. Everyone has the right to security of tenure, which means that one can be dismissed from their position only with an authorized cause. Aside from wage, benefits, workdays and hours, and your weekly rest day, you have other rights to take note of. For instance, female workers in the Philippines are entitled to Magna Carta of Women leave, night provision, and maternity leave.

Listen to your boss’s warnings

Your boss will surely set certain rules that they expect you to follow. So if they tell you that they want something to be done in a specific way, keep that in mind. You may have experience handling things the other way around, but as a newbie, you should be willing to learn some tasks. You get to learn new things that can help you progress in your career. Heed your boss’s warnings, and you can avoid getting yourself in serious trouble.

Don’t get caught up in workplace gossip

You may want to gain new friends at your new job, but that doesn’t mean that you should get caught up in workplace gossip. Workplace gossip is toxic. Keep your ears open, but never open your mouth. This is helpful in learning valuable information, but do not use it to other’s disadvantage. One basic rule is to neither ignore a gossip nor share it. Remember that not everything you hear is true and something you need to share with others.

Learn how to accept a colleague’s offers of help

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There are other employees who are very much willing to help you out when starting a new job. You may not like the idea of depending on someone to get the job done, but you should make it a point to accept assistance from your new coworkers. This can help you gain their trust and start a good relationship among your coworkers.

Being a newbie at work can be challenging. But everyone started as the new guy and the inexperienced one. If you want to thrive and gain the necessary experience needed to excel in your career, learn from your new boss and colleagues. Don’t hesitate to ask questions; accept their help as needed. Know your rights, understand your contract, and never get involved in workplace gossip. Be professional at all times, and you’ll soon learn the ins and outs needed to succeed in your new position.

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