The Power of Makeup

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There’s no denying that beauty and cosmetic products have become integral to people’s everyday lives. Men and women alike use makeup — an important component of cosmetics — to make their lives more colourful. This has even resulted in the industry skyrocketing in worth globally. By 2025, the number is projected to be around AUD$1 billion.

However, some individuals who aren’t avid fans of makeup have misconceptions about the products or the people who use them on a regular basis. There are talks about insecurities or blending in. Some are even malicious in assuming that it’s deception since those who wear makeup supposedly don’t present their natural features.

Everyone has their own reasons, be it negative or positive. Below are commonly cited ones.


Public perception has the power to affect our everyday lives. Consequently, so do our physical features, given the fact that this is the first thing we are judged on. We’ve been told that looks are inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, but research has shown that attractiveness does play a key role in employment and relationships.

Short of cosmetic surgery, none of us can truly change the features that we’ve been given. But, we can enhance them through the transformative power of makeup. Psychologists have discussed the different ways this can be done, one of which is through the eyes.

Large eyes are often perceived to be beautiful, which is why many go through the trouble of applying shadows, liners, mascaras, and false lashes to make their eyes seem bigger. This is why women are often seen wearing makeup at work. It makes them feel good, confident, and at times, helps them further their careers as well.

Artistic Expression

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Makeup is fun. It’s bright and dynamic. It comes in different shades and forms. It’s also historical, given that styles evolve all the time like clothes. Like fashion design, applying makeup is an art form, with our faces as the canvas.

As painters do, we can change up what we apply on our faces depending on what we feel on a particular day. Or, where we’re going and what we’re doing with our time. We can also use makeup to express our different identities, as well as our femininity.

Some people push it further and turn their artistic endeavours into a profession. Just as ‘regular’ artists earn money and fame through their masterpieces, so does any makeup artist in the Gold Coast or any part of the world.


Applying makeup isn’t as easy as many like to believe. It may sound vain, but it takes time, effort, and skill to look as good as one does when wearing makeup. Which is why there’s always a sense of accomplishment when we receive compliments regarding the looks that we do.

In relation to this, it helps in our quest of loving ourselves, too. How? Well, makeup is usually used to enhance our natural features. Highlighter to the cheekbones to make them pop, bright lipsticks to show off our lips. Receiving compliments provides us with much-needed confidence boosts.

It may root from insecurity; it may not. The point still stands that the power of makeup has helped countless people in different aspects of their daily lives.

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