Simple Ways to Declutter Your Living Room

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The living room is considered to be the heart of the house. It’s only natural to always have it organised and presentable since it is one of the most visible and accessible parts of the house. This is where most of you and your family spend time together and bond with each other, and also where most of your guests are invited and seated. Of course, you’d made a sofa purchase with the intention to sit comfortably in the living room and to do that, you would need to stash away any unnecessary things and start to declutter things in your living room. Here are a few ways that could help you organise your living room:

Have the Option of Storage with the Furniture You Choose

One of the simplest ways to declutter your living room is by choosing tables that have drawers or have the option to store things. Random things such as books, magazines, CDs, TV remotes and phone chargers could easily be misplaced on top of the living room coffee tables and could contribute to make the living room look messy. So, choosing tables with drawers would make it easier to stash unnecessary things inside them – and the members of the family wouldn’t have trouble looking for those missing items then.

Make Use of Bookshelves

Stashing away unnecessary things is one way to declutter your living room, but if you truly want to organise those things, you could maximise the use of shelving. You can use different types of containers such as magazine holders, boxes or bins each to categorise each of the items and have them be streamlined in a bookshelf. This way, it would be organised perfectly and still not hurt the look of your living room.

Keep the Cords Organised

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Some of the most distracting things that could be found in your living room are tangled cables. This is not only distracting and messy to look at, but there’s also a risk of safety with too many cords. Having a lot of cords in the living room is sometimes inevitable since there are usually several appliances that are being used. Of course, you cannot adjust by completely eliminating these appliances especially if they are all being essentially used in the living room. What you can do is you can look for ways to strategically hide these cords in a way that it wouldn’t be distracting. You can choose to reorganise the placements of these appliances – such as having them near walls in a way that they wouldn’t be easily seen.

Get Rid of Extra Cushions

While there are several cute cushions out there that may be irresistible not to purchase, having too many of them will actually become one source of clutter in your living room. It is also not recommended by decluttering experts since not only are extra cushions taking up unnecessary space in your living room, but they are also impractical. Choose to eliminate cushions that are not needed to create more space and have a more inviting and open atmosphere for your living room.

These are the simplest ways in which you could make your living room organised. If you cannot get rid of the items completely, learn these creative ways to organise them in a way that won’t hurt the space and beauty of your living room.

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