The Answers to the Most Asked Waxing Questions

Waxing Questions

Waxing is a necessity for a lot of people, both men and women alike. It keeps bodies feeling soft and smooth, and people tend to get it during the summer when they are expecting to flaunt their bodies at the beach. However, there are just a couple of questions that you might have in mind but are just too embarrassed to ask. Below, we will discuss the most common waxing questions about waxing and of course, the answers to it. Make sure to read it before getting your Brazilian in Midvale or anywhere else.

“Am I expected to trim before getting a wax?”

You might think that it is expected of you to trim before going in for a wax, but this actually is not necessary. Sure, you can do it if you want, but it’s not a requirement. If the hair on the area is a bit on the longer side, then your waxing technician can take care of that. They might trim it with a pair of scissors to make the hair grip to the wax better. It might be best to leave the trimming to them, as they would know what length to cut it to make the waxing easier and a lot more doable.

“Can I get waxed even while I’m on my period?”

Yes, you can, as long as you wear a tampon. However, getting waxed when you have your period is not advisable, as the pain tends to be a lot more intense during this time. The wax will also most likely melt on your skin, making it a lot harder for your waxing technician to finish the job. This is because your body tends to produce a lot more heat when you are on your period, thus melting the wax off. Getting waxed a few days before or after your period is not advisable either, as the pain may also be a little bit intense then. It would be best to call your waxing salon to ask if this is okay, just to be sure.

“Is there anything that I can do to minimize the pain?”

The bad news is that you will feel pain during waxing, no matter what you do. The good news, though, is that you can do a few things to minimize the pain. First of all, you would want to avoid drinking alcohol or caffeinated drinks a couple of days before getting waxed. Alcohol and caffeine encourage blood circulation, which means that you’ll be experiencing a lot more pain. Second, you can take an OTC pain reliever to make the pain a little bit more bearable. Take it 45 minutes before your appointment to give your body some time to absorb it.

“Can I get waxed even if I have ingrown hair?”

Yes, you definitely can get waxed even if you have ingrown hair. If you are bothered, then make sure to exfoliate the area with a good exfoliating scrub before going to the salon. This will help smoothen the area and prepare it for the session. Make sure to steer clear of scrubs that have fragrance in them, as this can irritate your skin.

Do not be hesitant to talk to your aesthetician and ask them any question that you might have in mind. They are pretty used to answering these questions, plus, they are trained to handle these queries.


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