Love Team: Three Ideas for Proposing with the Family Without Ruining the Surprise

These days, marriage proposals have become more of a family affair. Grooms-to-be are popping the question in front of loved ones, who wait patiently with ready cameras and giggly faces. The whole thing is heartwarming and inspiring, but behind the scenes, it can be the most stressful event to pull off. Why? Well, in case you haven’t gotten the memo yet, people can’t help but talk. When you let relatives in on the top-secret proposal, there’s a good chance it will be spilled in one way or another. If you really want to get other people on board without ruining the surprise for your would-be fiancée, here are some tried-and-tested ideas you can copy:

Do it over the holidays

It’s natural for the family to gather during Christmas or New Year’s Eve. When you make your proposal during this time, you already have your audience in one place at one time. You don’t need to gather them up and announce your game plan. This could also be the perfect place and time for your romantic move. You’ll be at your SO’s childhood home. You’ll be in the most joyful season of the year and perhaps the least suspicious day for your partner. 

For sure, she will be busy catching up with relatives whom she hasn’t seen in a long time, doing last-minute grocery shopping and preparing dinner. There is no time to wonder whether you’ll be proposing. The only thing that you need to plan here is setting up the perfect “stage” where you can get everybody’s attention in the midst of all the festivities. Maybe you can make a toast at midnight. Make it look like a simple speech, sharing what a wonderful year it has been. Then slowly move to honoring your girlfriend, until you get to popping the question. 

Go on a family vacation

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This is also a less suspicious way of gathering loved ones in which you don’t need to spill the beans to them. It’s also the perfect opportunity because you’re in a nice destination — maybe an exotic island or beach, a quiet cabin in the middle of a breathtaking forest, or a luxury cruise. The scenery around you helps in creating that romantic atmosphere. It might just be a little challenging for you to keep family members in one place. Others would want to explore the destination you’re in as much as possible. It’s okay to spill some minor proposal details to close family members. 

You can tell them, for instance, to stay on the main deck of your cruise ship after dinner because there’s a nice view that you want them to see. Once they’re all there, that’s when you make your speech. Just a word of caution when you go this vacation-proposal route: take good care of the precious engagement ring. Experts in Salt Lake City strongly recommend getting insurance for it.

Make a video featuring them

In case you still want the very private proposal setting, though, you can still involve your loved ones, this time, by virtual or digital means. Create a video featuring family members and friends, sharing your love story in their own words or disclosing their first impressions when they first knew you were a couple. Then while your partner is busy laughing and crying at the video, position yourself beside her, get down on one knee, and then ask the magic question as soon as the video ends. When she says yes, video-call your friends and loved ones and show them the ring!

Showing engagement ring to friends and family

Loved ones and friends may have a hard time keeping your proposal a secret. But there are many ways to still involve them in this major relationship milestone. Remember the strategies mentioned above. All the best on your proposal!

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