Turning Your Last-Minute Gift Idea Into a Well-Thought One

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There are numerous reasons (and excuses) why a special event would slip off your mind. When you remember it on the day itself, or a couple of days before, you’re certain that finding an excellent gift will pose a problem.

Technology has gotten more sophisticated, so has gift-buying. There are foolproof gift ideas available online that match well with every person and occasion. Take, for instance, the classic go-to present: a bottle of champagne or wine. Celebrating the beginning of life’s new chapter or the end of a tiring day calls for a drink, making drink gift sets as the item of choice for both givers and receivers. Even if handing over the bottle is enough, there are small details that you can include to turn your last-minute gift into a well-thought one.

Here are the details to take note of:

1. The Presentation

Don’t listen to the cliche saying, “Don’t judge the book by its cover.” Of course, it’s inevitable to make an assumption based on what is seen first.  Remember that there is another cliche saying, “First impression matters.”

Unboxing a gift or removing the wrapper is part of the experience.  When the receiver sees a beautifully-wrapped gift, it is difficult not to notice the craftsmanship behind it– the choice of ribbons, papers, and boxes. Craftsmanship translates to time and effort on your part, even if the hands that did the wrapping are not yours. No one would know that a present was bought in a rush if the presentation is polished. This is probably the reason why there’s the word “present” in presentation.

2. Bespoke Details

Cute gift boxes on pink backgroundIf you’re giving out the same present to a group of people, you can still showcase a personal touch by adding in a label– a service that many online shops can do in one day. Another option is to search the internet for free templates and to print out mini cards with individual names on each. Better yet, order a customized card with your name on it for more instances like this. Don’t forget to include a hand-written note.

3. Complementary Items

To provide a complete experience, you can add other items that will complement the main gift. For example, you can include essential oils when your gift is a set of scented candles. Items come from the same supplier, so you don’t have to look elsewhere. If you’re the type who wonders if your gift is being used, this is a way to be certain. A set of products that belong together asks to be used.

Worrying over gifts- what to give, where to get, when to purchase- is a thing of the past. All these are addressed right away through online shopping. You can easily send gifts all over the country without leaving your house. With this mode of purchasing and sending presents, one can forget the essence of giving: remembering. The gift is a reflection of how you see and understand the person you’re giving the present to. In this sense, gift-giving remains to be a personal act, thus the significance of small custom reminders that the present is well-thought about. Give well.

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