Top 6 Cool Gift Ideas for Your Bridesmaids

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Getting married? Congratulations! Part of the things you have to plan is gifts or tokens to the people who have a major part in your wedding ceremony. If you’re wondering what kind of gifts you can give to your entourage, here are some ideas you should consider.

1. Get personalized jewelry.

You can have custom jewelry made for the name of your bridesmaids as one of your options for unique gifts from Phoenix. This will help them become more appreciative of being part of your big day. It also increases the chance of them actually reusing the jewelry at some point.

Jewelry can be done in a classic style or perhaps in line with a specific theme. For example, if you’re a Harry Potter fan, you can have personalized necklaces of the Snitch done for the entourage. You can also try having friendship bracelets engraved or a charm bracelet.

2. Grab a customized phone case.

This can be a little tougher, especially if your bridesmaids have wildly different phone models. If you can get away with it, however, phone cases will make for an excellent gift.

Steer clear of anything with the wedding name on it and instead opt for a classic design. You want to give them gifts that they can actually use for future needs.

3. Love the environment with green items.

The zero waste movement is big nowadays, and if you want to encourage your entourage into the lifestyle, you can always give them a gift pack with all these amazing eco-friendly products.

Swap the usual contents of the bridesmaid’s pack with shampoo bars, bar soaps, bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo straws, refillable mugs, and more. You can ease them slowly into the eco-lifestyle while celebrating your wedding.

4. Spread the joy with perfume samples.

You can also offer them a box containing different perfume scents — perfect if they’re trying to figure out the scent they want. Perfume sample would be better than a single scent, especially since preferences when it comes to scent vary. With this approach, you’ve got all bases covered.

5. Encourage healthy detox with a coffee and tea basket.

As with perfume samples, a basket of detoxifying goodies will help your bridesmaids prepare for your big day. You can put in as many tea flavors and coffee flavors you want in the basket – for those days when work and family life just has too much pressure. These are the drinks they can savor at the end of a really long day.

6. Get liquor for bad days.

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Of course, not all bridesmaids will appreciate tea for bad days — so why not go the other way? Opt to offer them samplers of different liquor, or maybe just one big one? It can be tequila, vodka, or some fancy bourbon.

It all depends on their preferences. While it might seem like alcohol is a guy-thing as a wedding gift, you’ll find that women are just as appreciative when given liquor as a “thank you” for their part in the wedding.

Of course, those are just some cool ideas you can try for your bridesmaids’ gifts. Remember that your choice would depend on your budget and the kind of people who would be accepting your gift.

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