An Average Sliding Glass Door Installation May Cost $1,852

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Homeowners in Utah could spend $1,855 for an average installation of a sliding glass door, but it is possible to spend as low as $385, which is great news for those who are on a budget.

The actual price of installation will depend on certain factors, such as if you want to have custom doors. In Salt Lake City, homeowners will likely spend more than the average cost because of the higher price of materials than in rural places. If you have a limited budget, you could buy a basic sliding door for $300, but you will need to install this by yourself.

Door Prices

The type of sliding glass door will probably take the biggest share of the expenses. You could spend a bit more than the basic type for a door with clear glass and insulation, which costs around $340 with a transferable limited warranty. If you want to install one with pre-installed blinds, it would cost as much as $760.

You also have the choice of buying Energy Star-rated doors for around $300 with a limited lifetime warranty. These doors are already pre-hung with vinyl cladding and steel-reinforced built. Product warranties often last for at least 10 years, while others are valid for 20 years. In case you plan to buy a cheap one and do your own customizations, be sure to ask the manufacturer or retailer if it affects the issued warranty.

Cost of Replacement

In case the warranty already lapsed and you need to replace an existing sliding glass door, there is no need to change the load-bearing wall’s structure if it is the same length and size. Otherwise, a licensed contractor must alter the walls and make sure it complies with local building codes. It is advisable to have a straight replacement to avoid spending extra on structural changes.

Homeowners also have to invest in modern locks. Whether or not you live in a relatively safe community, you should remember that glass doors are just oversized windows. Put curtains or drapes for some privacy, and use security bars as an added protection.

Safe and Secure Doors

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While there are locks that you could buy for jut $10, you should consider applying a protective coating or film to make it harder for burglars to sneak inside your home. Shatter-proof films are designed to endure repeated and forceful blows. Someone would have to create a commotion if they truly want to break into your house.

Another reason to use a protective film involves the tendency of glass doors to shatter spontaneously. Glass could break without warning because of extreme weather changes or there is not enough thickness for wind-resistance. It could also break due to poor installation work, which is another reason not to do it by yourself.

You could save money on a sliding glass door installation by choosing a basic one, although consider the importance of having an extended warranty for craftsmanship. You may end up spending more than what you save if you buy a sliding glass door without it.

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