Before Waving Wine Goodbye: What You Can Do With Your Leftovers

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You may be thinking, “What do you mean leftover wine?” Yes, we understand how laughable the idea may sound like to some, but it does happen! After a fun night of sipping those reds and white you got as wine gift boxes, there’s a chance that you’ll still see some fair amount left in your fridge. If you can’t soldier through an entire bottle on your own, what exactly can you do with that partially consumed bottle in your kitchen?

Here are a few of the most efficient ways you can bring more life to that excess before the time is up!

Yes, Wines Can Be Healthy!

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Doctors may not be prescribing drinking sprees to address whatever ailment you may have, but drinking wine in moderation does come with a number of benefits. Wines of both red and white varieties are known to have certain properties that can help prevent the development of tumors and other heart-related diseases. Reds, however, are considered to be the healthiest out of all types of wines. They contain antioxidants known as polyphenols, which are capable of lowering bad cholesterol in the body, avoid blood clots, and provide protection to the blood vessels. So, don’t feel guilty about pouring yourself a serving from time to time. Just keep everything in reasonable amounts.

So, the wine was tasty and high-quality, but dinner’s finally done yet you still have some amount left in your bottle. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to make full use of the rest of that bottle. Here are some of them:

Make Frozen Wine Cubes

Even a small amount of wine can do wonders in your recipes. So, pour all your leftover wine into ice cube trays, toss them in your freezer and use them for your future dishes. The presence of alcohol means the cubes won’t be too hard but will be solid enough to pop out. You can use these frozen wine cubes if you have recipes that only need a tablespoon or two of wine to get that perfect blend of taste.

Create Your Own Wine Vinegar

Organic vinegar will work best for this trick. Prepare a clean glass jar and pour the bottle of vinegar into it then mix your leftover wine with it. If you’re not worried about the taste, you can combine both white and red in the mix. Get a paper towel or cheesecloth to cover the jar, and keep it secured with an elastic band. Put the jar somewhere at room temperature, but keep it away from all other open wine bottles you may have. Stir the contents of the jar once a day and start tasting it after a week. It’s natural for some vinegar to evaporate, so just keep adding more of your leftover wine.

Use Your Leftover Wine to Flavour Salt

Reduce your leftover wine down until it turns into a thicker consistency of syrup. Afterward, add 1 and a half cups of coarse salt per tablespoon of wine. The mixture is going to be a richly flavoured salt that will perfectly match meat such as beef and duck for seasoning.

While doing these things, expect your whole house to be chasing that amazing smell as you prepare this amazing treat. Be ready to fend them off until dinner time!

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