Understanding The Three Primary Principles In Interior Design

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A beautifully decorated room doesn’t only set a mood for a house, but it’s an excellent way to show one’s personality, too. But to achieve such a feat, you must first consider these three crucial factors: mood, function, and personality.

Before you start rearranging a few pieces of your furniture, you first need to consider your family and living arrangements. You can take a look at any African lifestyle magazine to get some inspirations or ideas that you find appealing. Then, you can create a carefully curated inspiration board to start your planning. For the rest of the steps, we can discuss it below.


Interior decoration is more than furniture pieces that look good. You also need to ensure that the area is functional for you. Besides having a focal point, you also need to choose a furniture piece that serves a room’s function. To do this, you need to determine the functions that you want the room to have. If a furniture piece doesn’t fit it, then consider trading it for something else.

Another feature that you need to consider is lighting. Same with furniture, you should also make sure that the lighting you’ll choose will complement the room’s function. For instance, adding a floor lamp near the seat is an excellent addition to areas meant for reading or relaxing.

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You can set the mood of the room using the right colors and furnishing styles. The texture and patterns that you’ll choose can affect the room’s mood, too. To help make it easier, you can develop a theme by choosing an inspirational piece for the area. It can be anything from your favorite clothing item to a magazine photo. It would be best to choose your inspirational piece wisely since it’ll be the basis for the room’s entire theme.

Once you’ve established your inspirational piece, you can start developing the room’s theme from there. It would help to create an accurate description of your theme name and all the design elements needed for the theme.


Once you’ve figured out the mood that you want to have for the room, it’s now time to add your personality to it. One way to do it is through accessories. You can add a couple of pillows and pictures in the corner of the room and see how it goes.

When choosing another piece of decor or furniture, you should consider its proportion first. You need to ensure that the proportion complements the rest of the furniture pieces inside the room. For instance, a massive decor piece in a small room will undoubtedly appear out of scale.

Designing a room can both be fun and tedious at the same time. You need to consider so many factors to make it work that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. But as long as you put your time and effort into conceptualizing your design aesthetics, then everything will work out fine. ; Reading a couple of magazines and websites for design inspirations can help, too.

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