Online Christmas Parties: Enjoyable and Engaging Activities

The Christmas season is fast approaching, and a lot of people are gearing up their home with festive decorations, bright Christmas trees, and even brighter Christmas light displays. Of course, the festive season wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have guests over. Whether they are colleagues from work, family members, or childhood friends who just came by their home town to catch up with their family, it’s always heart-warming to see friends and family members come together.

Why Do We Have to Celebrate Christmas Online?

But even though we’re preparing for the festive season with heart-warming food, decorations, and gifts for our loved ones, this year’s Christmas might be quite different from what we are usually used to. Most of us, especially when we’re so used to going out and partying with friends for Christmas celebration, don’t really have that luxury with everything that’s happening in the past few months.

In certain parts of the United States, the lockdown is needed to ensure that residents are safe. Since experts are saying that the pandemic might not end anytime soon, we will have to retain such measures, even after the festivities, as a means of making everything go back to normal.

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Thus, safety should always be the first priority, and having an online Christmas party will at least rekindle the spirit of Christmas, for now. A lot of individuals might sit too well with the idea, but it’s an important part of keeping ourselves safe nonetheless.

But don’t lose hope! The festivities are all about staying positive and yearning for a better tomorrow. So what are some different ways of celebrating such an occasion, even if it’s online? What can you do to make it more engaging? Here are some interactive and fun ways of engaging others.

Team-Building Games

For most business establishments, team cooperation is the key to success. There are practically tons of team building activities that both you and your team can do, even if it’s virtual. Some games that you can do include:

  • Charades — Charades is an age-old game that has been a part of many party games. Individuals will need to act out different movies, and teams will need to guess what movie it is.
  • Team-building Video Games — Several multiplayer video games will require a good amount of cooperation and teamwork.
  • Pictionary — Most of the time, video-conferencing software has a whiteboard feature in its screen share function. People will start taking turns drawing animals, objects, or anything that’s related to the Christmas season. Teams will have around a minute to guess what the word is.

Essentially, you’re hitting two birds with one stone when you’re basically honing your team’s performance, and they’re also having fun in the process. It’s a win-win situation!

Dress Up for the Event

Whether the event is online or face-to-face, we have to show our colleagues that we want to look the best for our part. Dressing up for the event will show others that you’ve been putting effort into getting people together, which can engage them in doing the same thing

Of course, what we will be wearing will depend on the Christmas party’s theme and the activities. Will we have a tropical one? You might have to wear some floral shirts. Is it a cozy and homely one? A simple smart-casual attire will do.

But when you’re celebrating Christmas with your company, group of friends, or family, you can spice up your online party by customizing shirts for the group. Fortunately, there are T-shirt screen printing services known for doing all kinds of designs on shirts.

Holiday Dinner

In almost any type of celebration, food will always be an important factor, even if it’s something that’s done online. Just because most of your employees are working from home doesn’t mean that you can’t have a few delicious dishes with them. Of the most convenient ways of treating your employees out is by reimbursing them for meals. If you want your employees to be eating the same email, you can always use remote food delivery services, which can be easily accessed through mobile applications.

There’s a plethora of interesting and unique themes and fun activities that you and your online guests can enjoy, even if it’s online, an online Christmas party. At the end of the day, you don’t really need to stress yourself out too much about what you’ll need for your Christmas party. An online Christmas party won’t really take as much effort, but you’ll need to make sure that everyone is having a good time. Ultimately, you should enjoy your time with colleagues as well, is it the Christmas season, after all.

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