Stress-relieving Habits Are Hard To Make But Not Impossible

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On a normal weekend or the immediate get-off from work on a Friday, most people would take the opportunity to grab a few drinks with some friends, go out with the family, or maybe even treat their significant other to a nice movie marathon right at home. Everyone’s got their own unique ways of de-stressing after a long hard week, and it’s almost always the short weekend that gets booked with fun activities to help bring back balance and sanity into life.

However, since the Covid-19 global pandemic caused an extreme paradigm shift on what’s possible and what places are considered risk-free, everyone’s been stuck at home, and the line between work and relaxation has blurred to the point of nonexistence. And, of course, while most people initially thought that being stuck at home wouldn’t be so bad, it’s gotten quite dreadful given how everyone’s been struggling to establish any proper stress-relieving habits with everything that’s happening.

Check Yourself And Get To Know Your Stressors

To get to the bottom of this seemingly endless pit, the first thing on your checklist to overcome your current predicament is by checking yourself out and getting to know the most impactful stressors pushing you around. You see, in order to address the stressors, it’s important that we identify them first so that we can single out the best approach you can utilize to resolve the issues that lay ahead.

  • Isolation, Loneliness, And The Feeling Of Being Ignored

Among the worst parts about being stuck at home is the feeling of isolation, loneliness and that no one else even cares about whatever happens to you. As a result, you get stuck between managing your mental well-being and trying to learn acceptance, which often spirals down into even more negativity because you’re not in the right thinking space. One surefire way of knowing you’ve got it bad is when you find yourself aimless and spacing out more often than you’d like to admit.

  • Burnout And A Cluttered Work-Life Balance

Unlike before when you could take a short getaway from work right after the clock strikes five, nowadays, all you can ever really do is stand up and take a quick stretch before heading off to bed. Burnout has never been more apparent, and we even have companies actively doing their best to combat its negative effects on work productivity. A quick way of telling you’re overstressed from work is when you can’t get any shut-eye without thinking about your next deadline.

  • General Unhappiness And Overwhelming Pressure

Our environment and surroundings also have the capacity to impact the way we feel and act, and because of all the doom and gloom that’s happening around us, any good news that does come to light often gets overshadowed by doubt and fear. As a result, a lot of people are just generally unhappy no matter what they do or how hard they try to patch things up in their life. And you know when you’ve got it bad when things that usually spark joy just lost their touch somewhere down the road.

Restructure Your Thoughts For The Better

Now that we’ve settled on what’s causing you all this stress, the best way to establish some stress-relieving habits is by striking at the core and rebuilding anew. And, while it may sound like grueling work at face value, putting in the necessary time and effort will help you overcome any problem moving forward and secure you some peace of mind.

  • Combating Negative Emotions With Love And Compassion

Firstly, to address all those negative emotions running wild in your heart and mind, we suggest that you ground yourself in love and compassion to do away with the negativity. For example, you could try opening up to your significant other or someone close to you that’s willing to listen, which will at least lessen the load on your shoulders. And, of course, there’s plenty of other ways to tap into love, so do whatever sparks compassion in your heart, be it charity or self-care.

  • De-escalating A Meltdown With Mindfulness

Secondly, if you’re ever on the verge of a meltdown or the burnout from work is already getting to you, we strongly recommend that you use mindfulness and meditation to calm your nerves. Sure, it might not be your cup of tea, but giving yourself the opportunity to relax and be in a space that’s free of noise will help you clear your thoughts. Once that’s done, you can at least meet your current challenge with some level-headedness instead of a near-tantrum.

  • Redirect Bad Energy Into A Long Lost Hobby/Craft

Last but not least, since all we have going for us when stuck at home is time management and a bit of exploration, why not use that bad energy and channel it into a long lost hobby or craft. For example, you could try DIY crafts that you can sell on Etsy or the local marketplace, or maybe even a fun little side gig to earn a few bucks. Plus, if you ever do decide to earn a bit on your hobby, you can use that money to fund your wishlist, like a brand-new pair of designer shoes or some apparel.

Welcome Peacefulness And Serenity Into Your Home

Overall, there’s no clear-cut way to make stress go away while stuck at home, but that doesn’t mean it’s entirely impossible. And if you’re more than willing to welcome peacefulness and serenity into your home, you’ll find the effort invested well worth it!

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